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Welcome to the first livejournal community for just the movie "Thirteen". Starring Nikki Reed, Evan Rachel Wood & Holly Hunter. The community should be viewed in 1024x768 screen resolution to see everything properly. This community is moderated by sawyerford (icon journal = _____finalcut), sexaychar (layouts journal = j0urnalised) & _electricfairy (please do not bother any of the moderators personal journal's about any issues or problems you may have with this community). feel free to join and discuss the movie, share icons, ask questions, talk about the actors/actresses that star in it.

Please read BEFORE posting.

1: No advertising random communities allowed, if it's thirteen related go ahead (for example a Holly Hunter community).

2: Put large images behind lj cut's - it's common sense, not behind a cut? we'll delete it.

3: If your post gets deleted do not repost it (it was probably something stupid or was against the rules of this community).

4: Do not ask for html or graphics/image help, do we look like a html community to you?

5: People who ask to be credited for their hard work on icons, banners etc, please make sure you do actually credit them or you'll end up on the Icon Black List .

6: When posting icons/banners/blends/headers etc, please make sure they are in separate posts so that when it comes to putting them into memories they go in the correct category.

7: Do not post rants/suggestions/ideas for the community, if you do have any please comment on this post.

8: We've had problems in the past - bitchiness, hating etc. please read this.

9: Do not post the same questions over and over we have an FAQ archive, use it.

10: Do not hurl abuse at the Mods.

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