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thinspirations_'s Journal

inspiration to stay thin
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This is a community to support people currently fighting their weight, and having difficulty staying inspired. This is NOT a community to encourage self-hate and whatever. I made this community in hopes that people would find out that there is no such thing as a perfect body, and they would learn to be happy with their own bodies and love themselves no matter what.

1. No harshness. This is for SUPPORT, not embarassment.
2. People with eating disorders are allowed, but only if they are open to listening to the idea of self-acceptance.
3. Recovered people are allowed, but not to lecture. Only to advise.
4. People who aren't battling their weight are allowed, but only if they contribute positive things.

Ideas of what to post:
* Dieting tips.
* YOUR inspirations to stay thin.
* Your experiences with ED.
* How you came across self-acceptance.
* Recommended reads

I hope that people are helped by this community. Post and have fun!

There are only a few rules, but I shall add them as I see fit.