Taylor (raininginmyeyes) wrote in thinspirations_,

Heyyy!! Haven't been on in awhile... Taylor's the name.. lol
So big news, good news, sad news, and angry news. Hah.
Big news, I'm finally 14 since mid-October.. pretty cool.
Good news, I might be getting a laptop for Chirstmas, so I can finally be in private.
Sad news, I can't lose a damn pound. I'm like 122 now... UGH It sucks cause school is my excuse. And sports.
I feel like I'll faint if I don't eat when I play bball. Ugh. I used to fast all the time!! What happened???!!
Angry news- My best (boy) friend totally stabbed my back and made me cry in front of my whole class...
Here's how it went,
Me- ALEX wtf, why did you call me busted???
Alex- I didn't! I just said that you were ok, which is not bad, but not great.
UGH! The reason why that pissed me off, is cause he used to call me beautiful, and sexy, and pretty. Now this new, skinny bitch came
and ruined my life. I must be too fat or something....
I try and try, but somehow, I'm never.....
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