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Hello there;

I'm new to the community and to Live Journal. I was never diagnosed with having an eating disorder; but if you aren't eating and working out lots; I suppose you have one; But I always have felt the opposite.

Anyway; my scale is MIA- I need to get a new one. This weekend.

I am married; no children.. I do have an awesome dog.

The highest weight I had been was 210 pounds; lowest was 135; my frame made me look thinner than what it sounds.

I'm feeling my close to my heaviest.

I really miss the days where bones are sharp and my belly was flat..

I could blame that getting married has done this, but the blame is on me. I got caught up in going to parties and as I got older, the weight would pile on and stay.

I truly believe that whatever anyone wants to lable it never leaves. I've dealt with weight and food for 20 years; I'm 30 now.

When I look at myself; it makes me feel sick; to sit down and see rolls sitting on my body- that can't continue to happen.

Anyway, my journal is public; I'm always looking for online support- I can offer you the same motivation.


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