October 23rd, 2008



Hello there;

I'm new to the community and to Live Journal. I was never diagnosed with having an eating disorder; but if you aren't eating and working out lots; I suppose you have one; But I always have felt the opposite.

Anyway; my scale is MIA- I need to get a new one. This weekend.

I am married; no children.. I do have an awesome dog.

The highest weight I had been was 210 pounds; lowest was 135; my frame made me look thinner than what it sounds.

I'm feeling my close to my heaviest.

I really miss the days where bones are sharp and my belly was flat..

I could blame that getting married has done this, but the blame is on me. I got caught up in going to parties and as I got older, the weight would pile on and stay.

I truly believe that whatever anyone wants to lable it never leaves. I've dealt with weight and food for 20 years; I'm 30 now.

When I look at myself; it makes me feel sick; to sit down and see rolls sitting on my body- that can't continue to happen.

Anyway, my journal is public; I'm always looking for online support- I can offer you the same motivation.

New Comer

Hi, I'm Kendra. I'm new here. I wanted to join, because I need some support, and lot's of people here on LiveJournal have great advice and are super nice.

So, I'll give you my stats first.

I'm 16 years old and my current weight is 110 lbs. My highest weight was 130 and my lowest weight, not including when I was younger and only weight 65 lbs, was around 110-ish.

I don't have an eating disorder, my I'm worried that I might be becoming weight obsessed. I literally get on the scale everyday more than once. I get on in the morning, after I eat breakfast, after I go to the bathroom, when I get home from school, after I eat lunch, and before I go to bed. My mom's worried I might be getting weight obsessed and my aunt's also worried about me. They're both great people, I don't want to disappoint them. But, I can't explain this sudden urge to drop the pounds. My appetite has just dropped.

I've become concerned with how many calories I eat, checking the labels all the time. I never used to.

I don't purge or binge (that's bad).

So yeah, can anybody give me some love and support?