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im not sure how this works

Im new and still very confused about how to post things and stuff like that. But anyhow, I spent this ENTIRE summer pigging out im so disgusted with myself. Last i knew i weighed 115 and thats 9lbs more then i weighed a year ago! disgusting! Im terrified to know how much ive packed on since. School starts tommrow and im going to go to the nurse and ask them to tell me my weight since i dont own a scale (my mom REFUSES to buy me one). I pretty much got by today on a handful of goldfish crackers and hot tea UNTIL dinner came around but  i only ate ONE regular sized portion. Im proud of myself for knowing when to stop.(Praying i dont night snack!!!) I hope i can keep this up. Im planning to go on an all water fast for the weekend, (Sat+Sun) , anyone doing anything similar/ want to join me?
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