ellie214 (ellie214) wrote in thinspirations_,

i need HELP!!

Hi im ellie. im 18. &  A SIZE 12!!!
My friends all have brillaint figures although i love them to bits i am very envious of them!
For the last 2 Yrs i have been very picky about what i eat, but nothing seems to happen. But recently over the last 4 months i have felt physically sick when i think of meals!  i became a veggie 4 yrs ago as then i was in control of my diet but that doesn't seemt to be working!
All of my girlies say to me that i have a lovely curvy body! CURVY they mean FAT! 
over the last few months i have been getting very depressed when it comes to going out with my girlies as they look so fab and i look FAT!  At the moment i refuse to go out with them! due to having no self confidence due to my size!
 I NEED HELP! i need to loose weight now!  well no actually i just want to be VERY skinny!
some mornings i wake up look in the mirrow and think well i actually look relativley  ok, then i go to my Boyfriends and think how the hell did i think that! 
I refuse to eat out or around anyone i don't feel confident around! which is actually literally everyone other than my mum & dad!
i need to get skinny NOW there is no time for being fat ot is just getting me depressed !!  sometimes i actually feel MANIC i can't do anything to click out of it either 
i need ways to loose wieght now! i want dramatic changes please i need ur help!! 
Thanks u
X X X 

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