shimmerbreeze (shimmerbreeze) wrote in thinspirations_,


well im new and thought id introduce my self..
my name is chrystie. im 19 ..and i'm a girl lol
so i guess ill explain my situation. =)
well ive been overweight for most of my life, my highest was 195lbs(eww)  and my lowest , at age 17, was 144lbs (yay)
well ive gone up and down since then, and just got off Jenny craig. im  151 at the moment, but probably a lot more right now being that i ate so much this weekend. i LOVE not going to deny it..i juss feel like i gain it easier than others. i do like working out...but i get lazy sometimes.
anywho (im rambling lol)
i made a promise to myself that this summer i would work hard to get thin. EVERYONE makes fun of me because of my weight...and its so annoying. but im not doing this for anyone, im doing this for myself, i want to be happy!!!!!!!
i need support
and im ready to support you guys too
so back to the gym tommorow...i want to be THIN

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