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Ahhh stressful day!

i went home this week and iv just come back from uni and found out that i put on 6lbs!!! that pissed me off so im starting a new diet of having just 2 of those 10calorie soup things a day. one for lunch and one for dinner for 2weeks. but then i got home and found out that the kitchen was an absolute mess and we move out in a week and get charged if we leave without cleaning it. so i cleaned EVERYTHING. i had the day off and just blitz. i thought if i focus on cleaning i wont think about eating. big mistake. some one had left out biscuits and i couldnt help myself. i had to have 3. im trying to stay under 100 calories a day for 2 weeks to get rid of those 6lbs i put on in 4 days. ekkk.  and the very first day i eat 220 instead. not good. well at least the kitchen is clean. my flat mate came in and was like " wheres my stuff gone" and i i was like " iv cleaned it and put it in a spare cupboard cos you guys are pigs" and he stormed out. ummm a thanks would have been nice. i slaved for 3hours to clean the kitchen!!!

ahhh venting helps, im off for a run, i need to work off those biscuits!

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