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im so proud!!

im so proud of myself, i had the day off and decided to go for a cycle to a place called cambourne. i wasnt quite sure how far it was so i got my map and planned it all out. it ended up being just over 10miles. so there and back was 20miles. i even worked out my speed in which i was cycling and i hit 17mph. thats not the proud bit, i went onto to record how many calories id eaten (29cals all day) and how many id worked off. I WORKED OFF 1661 CAL!!!!  in just that cycle and the best bit is it wont make me bulk up. im proud cos all iv eaten 2day because im on the rainbow diet is half a red pepper (16cals) and a piece of melba toast (13cals) so im happy as can be. 

the cycle really did me some good tho cos i got stood up last night again so i was miserable this morning! iv never had a problem with dates and finding guys but since iv come to uni iv dated one guy and been stood up 4 times in 2 months by 2 different guys. maybe its just the boys round here or maybe its me but to be honest im in such a good mood, i dont care. trust me tho, last night i was a mess on the phone to my mum and i almost told her about my ED by saying im not skinny enough because i havnt reached my goal yet. opps!! 

although on my adventures today iv realised my ED has progressed up a level. i used to just try and work of the calories id eaten and keep it pretty much balanced and not feel too guilty if i ate 200cals and worked off 300cals. but now i realise that every calorie i eat i feel ill and stupid and guilty which is rather depressing.

hope you all have a good night

love xx
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