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i dont understand...

im so annoyed, my friends from work asked me to go bowling and drinking 2night at 5ish, its now 8.50pm and i still havent heard from them. i havent eaten anything all day so that i can replace the food calories with alcohol calories (i also feel slimmer in the morning if i dont eat and get drunk).

i dont want to wallow in my own self pity but its become a common occurence that my friends esp my flat mates ask me to go out and i get myself all hyped up and prepared by not eating so that i dont load all those extra calories on and then nothing happens and i end up sitting in my room playing music and going on the internet till late crying convinced that iv done something wrong to piss them off!!! 

i dont think im a horrid person to be with because i love my work and get on really well with them and my flat mates but i just dont understand why they say lets go out and then just dont!! if you make plans, stick to them.

oh well the good thats come out of this is that i havent eaten and therefore havent consumed any calories. i was just so looking forward to it and i even went for a 2hour cycle to burn off any guilty calories i would have consumed 2night.

im going stir-crazy in my room now, i hope they text to say they are going out, please text! (crosses fingers)

does anyone feel like this or am i just being pathetic?
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