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Hi, My name is Jenn. I'm 23 years old and I've been trying to lose weight for the last year or so. I got down to 133lbs and couldn't seem to get any lower than that. Since then i've gained about 17lbs and I'm really worried because I can't seem to stay on track and keep myself motivated.


 Hi I'm new to this community. I'm full chinese and my name is Meili and I just recently turned 15. I am in the 10th grade. The heaviest I have ever weighed recently was 58.9 kg (130 lbs) and the lightest I weighed recently was 45 kg (about 100lbs). I never really thought about weight until my mother started making comments about my weight in 9th grade. I have always had a high metabolism and I used to eat so much food and never gain a pound. I was always underweight my entire life until 9th grade. I was about 5'5'' and 100 lbs in the beginning of 9th grade. I know that is underweight for BMI but that is just how my body is. There was lot of drama in my life during the 9th grade and suddenly I started gaining weight. At first I was happy because I was finally not the skinny girl in class, but I started worrying when my weight gain was not stopping. By the middle of 9th grade I had gone from 45kg to 53kg (from 100lbs to 120lbs). I started feeling fat. By the end of 9th grade, I had my first relationship with this guy I knew for a while. I remember it all hit me one day when I was talking to him casually and somehow that topic of weight came up. I didn't say anything about my weight but I found out that he was 49kg (about 110lbs) and 5'8''. I know that sounds really skinny but he has high metabolism too and he eats ALOT. At that moment I felt like a pig because he was about 10lbs lighter than me. I knew I had to do something so thats when I started dieting. At first I just started eating more fruits and veggies. It helped and I got down to 110 lbs again. But I started getting obsessed with weight and I started starving myself. Yes. I was diagnosed with anorexia. Ever since then, weight has been a struggle. As I started going to therapy, I started gaining weight again and got up to 130 lbs. I was shocked and scared. I felt so fat. Later my boyfriend broke up with me and I think it was because I was getting so fat. :( Right now I'm about 125lbs but I want to get back down to 110lbs. I know that sounds really unhealthy but my body burns fat really fast. I'm just having a hard time trying to loose weight because I know how much trouble it got me into earlier. Help anyone? Support?

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 We're two fifteen year old girls. 
Both of us are sick of feeling bad about out bodies and trying to hid them.
We're trying to loose weight by the end of this summer. 
We weight 131ish and 140ish. 
Getting down to around 115ish would be perfect but it's saying focused on loosing weight. 
If anyone has tips or wants to email about trying to lose weight, tell :) 

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Heyyy!! Haven't been on in awhile... Taylor's the name.. lol
So big news, good news, sad news, and angry news. Hah.
Big news, I'm finally 14 since mid-October.. pretty cool.
Good news, I might be getting a laptop for Chirstmas, so I can finally be in private.
Sad news, I can't lose a damn pound. I'm like 122 now... UGH It sucks cause school is my excuse. And sports.
I feel like I'll faint if I don't eat when I play bball. Ugh. I used to fast all the time!! What happened???!!
Angry news- My best (boy) friend totally stabbed my back and made me cry in front of my whole class...
Here's how it went,
Me- ALEX wtf, why did you call me busted???
Alex- I didn't! I just said that you were ok, which is not bad, but not great.
UGH! The reason why that pissed me off, is cause he used to call me beautiful, and sexy, and pretty. Now this new, skinny bitch came
and ruined my life. I must be too fat or something....
I try and try, but somehow, I'm never.....

New Girl!

I just joined so I guess I better introduce myself :) I'm calling myself Amaya on here, but its technically a fake name, I thought I'd better be honest about that!

My eating disorder isn't about losing weight or anything, its actually the complete opposite. I eat loads when I'm stressed, angry, sad or just bored and once I start I can't stop. I've been trying for the last year or so to control it and have decided the best way is to lose the weight I put on through it from last year (mostly exam related) so I can feel like I have a bit self discipline and maybe put a stop to the bingeing if I can. At the moment I'm attempting to keep my calories under 1500 and after slacking a bit I'm aiming more for the 1000 mark so any support you can offer will be gladly accepted and returned, if you want :)

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Hi, I'm Kendra. I'm new here. I wanted to join, because I need some support, and lot's of people here on LiveJournal have great advice and are super nice.

So, I'll give you my stats first.

I'm 16 years old and my current weight is 110 lbs. My highest weight was 130 and my lowest weight, not including when I was younger and only weight 65 lbs, was around 110-ish.

I don't have an eating disorder, my I'm worried that I might be becoming weight obsessed. I literally get on the scale everyday more than once. I get on in the morning, after I eat breakfast, after I go to the bathroom, when I get home from school, after I eat lunch, and before I go to bed. My mom's worried I might be getting weight obsessed and my aunt's also worried about me. They're both great people, I don't want to disappoint them. But, I can't explain this sudden urge to drop the pounds. My appetite has just dropped.

I've become concerned with how many calories I eat, checking the labels all the time. I never used to.

I don't purge or binge (that's bad).

So yeah, can anybody give me some love and support?


Hello there;

I'm new to the community and to Live Journal. I was never diagnosed with having an eating disorder; but if you aren't eating and working out lots; I suppose you have one; But I always have felt the opposite.

Anyway; my scale is MIA- I need to get a new one. This weekend.

I am married; no children.. I do have an awesome dog.

The highest weight I had been was 210 pounds; lowest was 135; my frame made me look thinner than what it sounds.

I'm feeling my close to my heaviest.

I really miss the days where bones are sharp and my belly was flat..

I could blame that getting married has done this, but the blame is on me. I got caught up in going to parties and as I got older, the weight would pile on and stay.

I truly believe that whatever anyone wants to lable it never leaves. I've dealt with weight and food for 20 years; I'm 30 now.

When I look at myself; it makes me feel sick; to sit down and see rolls sitting on my body- that can't continue to happen.

Anyway, my journal is public; I'm always looking for online support- I can offer you the same motivation.

New :)

Hey guys :) I'm new to this community. I'm 20 and completely unhappy with the way I look.

CW: 160
HW: 165
LW: 140
GW1: 150
GW2: 140
GW3: 130

After my ex and I split a year and a half ago, I found my comfort in food, and haven't stopped eating since. I continue to eat, even when I'm feeling full. I've often tried working out and such to try to lose the pounds, but I think now I'm going to try restricting alot more and fasting a few times a week. I'm so ready to change my appearance because I HATE the way I look.

I'll be on here very often giving updates and looking for support, it'd be great to have your guyses help!! :)

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pics of all of them!Collapse )

seeing as how they are about $10-$15 in stores I'm looking to sell them for $6-$8 depending on how many you get at once. we can always talk about the price!

thank you!

its good to set goals in all aspects of your life, this could be a nice little reward for yourself when you reach them. What a way to get a flat stomach and have a reward to look forward to! rewards ALWAYS work for me!

e-mail KDukesHubbard@yahoo.com
aim lildevilgurl172

best way to get a hold of me :) maybe easier to talk about it on there too.

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I havent ate in four days and it feels amazing that ive kept up my diet.I was sooooooo dizzy yesterday that i could hardly move.
My starting weight was :139-140
now im 132
pretty kewl. i lost about 7-8 pounds this week. i know as the weight starts to melt off my weightloss will slow down.
im not knew to this man.
but im gonna go all the way.!
anyone wanna join me>?