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Hey!Well I'm a new member of this community and i wanted to say hi to everybody. Well i am a totally big fan of surreal life and that the season will begin in July 10th.Don't miss that. Well i'm so excited that Janice Dickinson from America's Next Top Model is gonna be in the new season!Well that's all I have to say today.Goodbye!!!
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New and request

Hello here. Adrienne and Chris are TOO cute...I just <3 them. Could anyone make some icons of them from the show, perhaps from caps of the kiss, etc. etc. Would be much appreciated! THNX.
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Christopher Knight

What got me watching Surreal life besides the natural urge to watch a train wreck that the majority of VH1's programing plays to, I've also developed a mad crush on Chris Knight. He's the one member of the group with his head screwed on right, and is just a good guy always taking care of the rest of the group. Plus his body..mmm. He was always the Brady I thought was the cutest anyway. I realize I probably sound like a 13 year old girl but...whatever...any thoughts?
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