if looks could kill

then my profession would be staring...

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Hey and welcome to our rating community ...

Okay the rules are ...

1. Don't make an ass out of yourself.
2. You must have at least 3 good pictures of yourself
3. No bashing other members if you get rejected they had to go through the same thing you did.
4. Please use an LJ cut if you don't know how to do it this is how <*lj-cut*> text <*/lj-cut*> take the stars out.
5. When you apply put in your subject who you think is the sex.
6. For stamped members your allowed to be harsh and honest.
7. This community judges looks AND personality so if you have a shitty personality then go apply somewhere else at it's both 50/50.
8. And the last rule HAVE FUN!

... and on to the MODS
Me- Brit laxchica246.


Margaret nosacredsilence

The Application
♥Top 3 Favorite Bands and Why-
♥What is your view on Abortion?-
♥What is your view on Capital Punishment?-
♥What do you think about same-sex relationships?-
♥What is one thing about yourself that you would change if you could?-
♥If you could meet anyone who ever lived who would it be and why?-
Good Luck to All Applicants!♥