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thequibbler_'s Journal

The Quibbler
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Although this is a theories community, we also welcome other topics, such as:
-love/hatred for certain characters
-movie discussion (by movie, I mean the HP movies)
-Harry and the Potters
-editorials you've found or written
-icons (especially if they're funny)
-basically anything else HP related.

x All things behind JKR's door must go behind a cut until the door is closed once again.

Confused on how to post images? Don't worry! We like to help!
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/thequibbler_"*><*img src="link of image. right click image and then properties. copy and paste link here" border="0"*><*/a*>
Then, all you do is take out the *!

Sister Community!

Important Dates
July Thirteenth - Order of the Phoenix movie.

Other stuff
-Many thanks to gequina for almost every graphic you see on this page! We appreciate it so much! n_n
-Thanks to MuggleNet for being my main source of HP information.
-We love Harry and the Potters. We love them so much that we saw them at Vassar! We think you should go see them if you get the chance!
The Fat Lady Digest.
They plan on releasing four HP magazines a year.
-Marauding Mayhem. Awesomeawesomeawesome fanart, among other things.
-Current layout by kaitliiin.
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