if you stay, I don't need heaven

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well, how was that for a nice long break? Hah. I need to redo my resources, FYI.

I've got some Twilight wallpapers to get you re-interested in my crap. :) There are 5, they're all just variations of 1, because my computer battery died halfway through my next set, and some stupid fool didn't save them. ahem.

Don't hotlink.
Don't say you made it or edit them plz.
Do give me lots of lovely comments and spam my name everywhere. :)
Always credit thepearls_

I only posted 1024x768 and 1280x800 but I have 1440x900 and can easily do 800x600. Just let me know.

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if you stay, I don't need heaven

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here is my official


post.  I have not posted anything since March, and will not have anything till at LEAST late, late August.  More likely early September.  It is summer and I am spending it with family and friends, and also doing a summer session of school up at university.  So, I will see all your lovely faces, and icons, in a few months!  Don't de-friend me just yet.  :)

if you stay, I don't need heaven

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I have more icons for you, but I'm running low on time! It's Spring Break for me and I'm off to SLC with some friends, so enjoy my little batch! :O)

xxxDON'T steal/direct link!
xxxGIVE me credit!
xxxCOMMENT if you're taking something!
xxxFEEL free to friend me!
xxxDON'T eat my shorts! (just seeing if you're reading...)


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if you stay, I don't need heaven

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look I have icons for you! :O Yay. Some of them are kind of old, hahah. Sorry! :O)

xxmore gilmore
Requests? Anyone?

xxDon't hotlink/steal/claim them as your own.
xxcomment and tell me if you take something!
xxlove one another<33


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if you stay, I don&#39;t need heaven

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Okay, here is the songset. :D Le w00t. I really hope you guys like them! I had so much fun doing them! <33


xxPLEASE give me credit! Don't just take things.
xxDON'T say it's your icon! I worked hard. Promise.
xxFEEL free to comment! I love comments. <3
xxNO direct linking!!

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