March 12th, 2005

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Hey everyone! I'm Danielle. 15 years old, from Ohio. And I LOVE The Notebook. Noah is hott too. I love "love stories" like the notebook. I got a question, well two. Where did all of you get your icon's of the notebook? Can you post a link??

<3 Danielle
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hey! I am katie! I am 16 years old. I am new here and i LOVE the notebook! it is such a wonderful movie! Just wanted to say heylo. ~ peace out
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Meow <3

Hey people! Just joined..Well, because I recently got obsessed with the movie :P I rented it yesterday, and the next thing I know I was bawling for half an hour (and I'm sure you've heard that from a thousand people on here *sigh*). I thought the movie was very sweet, and I'm the kind of person eho likes mush, so yeah, it was perfect for me ;D I have to buy the DVD soon! It was awesome, and I'm going to watch it over...and over again! I can never get tired of that movie :) I'm painting a picture...hopefully I can scan it sometime, and show you guys.

Well, that's all! Just wanted to make myself known, *waves to everyone* and I made a little graphic, use wherever/however you want, I don't care :P I love that shot...It's so sweet

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still confused

alright what i meant earlier was..
does anyone know how to put headers
into a livejournal. like, i already
have the one i want, i just dont know
the code to do it. does anyone know how?
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i don't know if you guys remember, but a while back i made a post asking if anyone had pictures of the white dress ally wears when she gets proposed to, because i was having that dress made into my prom dress this year.

well, thanks to you guys and those pictures, i am getting my dream dress! it's not made yet, but i have something cool to share! the woman making my dress went to gastonia to get my material, and surprisingly enough, it was the same place the costume designers for the notebook got their material! they didn't have the same material that they made the original dress out of, but they knew the next best thing.

sooo i just had to be excited! i will def. post pictures of the final thing- my prom isn't until may 21st.
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Does Anyone Know How I Can Add Music To My Lj..I Tried That One Post From A Lil Bit Ago And It Just Doesnt SeEm To Be Working :-/

Thnx MuchO!

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Kate SAG statue


Yay! I'm SO glad i found this community!!! lol.

My name is Jen, i'm 15. "The Notebook" is my absolute most favorite movie ever! I love it! Yes, I am obsessed, lol.

Anyways I noticed the discussion now is the special features.

I love the special features, I have two favorites:

*Rachel McAdams's audition--I have to watch it everytime i watch "the notebook". She's such an amazing actress, and her audition was so good!

*The deleted scenes--Some of them i don't really care for, but i always have to watch these too. I do wish they had left in the on entitled "the story of the notebook". It's so cute! Also the one called "catching dinner" i think. That one is really cute too.


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Hey y'all! I just watched The Notebook again tonite lol...I'm sooo addicited lol!! Does anyone know the name of the Walt Whitman poem that Duke recites to Allie when they are sitting on the dock? Its really pretty. :)
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