February 24th, 2005

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I'm going to go insane if I don't find where I can find these icons.I've been looking for quite awhile for the movie sequence icons so many people have with a still picture as the main one and in the corner it's a movie sequence of a specific scene.


I have gone so far as to look at each person who has one of these icons and look at their userinfo to see if I can find it in a community their a part of.Can anyone show me the way?

Bathtub Scene

ok.....i known its been asked alot but there all all these pics of Allie and Noah in a bathtub together but i know the scene is not in the movie and is not in the deleated scenes.....does anyone know if the scene is on the dvd or somewhere else?


ps-sry i just joined the community thanks for the info....does any one know about easter eggs...i think i read that in this community and does anyone know of there is an easter egg on the dvd
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Ok so I have never officaily made a post in here except for when I put in my newbie application! I am absouletly obessed with The Notebook! I think it is such a great movie. I love who they casted as the characters and it is an absolute plus that Ryan Gossling is so hott! I have watched the movie like ten times I think. I am just starting to read the book. So far it is a great book but I kind of like the movie better. I didn't know that Nicholas Sparks also wrote A Walk To Remember. Also that it was about his sister. So there is my first officail post here! I also love all the icons everyone has made. Sorry if I didn't credit you. If you want me to I would love to just comment to tell me who made the icons!
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