February 15th, 2005

FO banner...

I am wanting to make my journal friends only... and seriously wanting a banner from the movie...and advice as to where to get one/who can make me one is greatly appreciated :o)

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I have a question, does anybody knows where can I find DVD screencaps from the movie?, I wanna make graphics, and I want caps from the movie  ;)

My favorite character is Noah... he's so adorable when he's with Allie, and so strong and together.... when he's young and when he's old... Allie is his whole life, and I think that's so beautiful
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There is a rebate offer for The Notebook.. you can get 5 dollars back if you send in the rebate form with the receipt. If you go to www.thenotebookmovie.com click on Enter for a chance to win, and then on that page there will be a link to download the rebate form. I had to go digging through the trash to find my receipt lol. Its only 5 bucks, but still.
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Yay! I finally bought the Notebook and it's definately worth it! I've watched it many times. I think they cut a scene out. You know that picture where he's washing her? Wasn't that in the film? Because it's not on the DVD. Or maybe it's a publicity photo...or maybe I'm going crazy lol. Someone let me know!
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I watched The Notebook yesterday with a friend. Surprisingly I didn't cry (this was the 3rd time I've watched it & the 1st time I've seen it not in theatres) as much. But of course I was still incredibly moved.

Anyway, I still have yet to check out some commentaries and deleted scenes. Oh man, I can't wait!

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I wish I could talk to everyone about how much I loved the movie, but I am going to actually watch it for the first time.

I joined this community early becuase I love romantic movies such as, A Walk to Remember ((my fav)), Tuck Everlasting, Sweet Home Alabama etc..and I joined this early again because ive heard nothing but EXCELLENT comments on The Notebook

So here I go...I'll edit this entry after I a done watching it.
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My boyfriend bought me the notebook for v-tines day... super sweet
we watched... well tried too lol
i was trying so hard not to cry at the end, its the one part that hits me the hardest.
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