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Got my allergy test today, got pricked a ton, annnnd then got the bad news....

Yes, I am allergic to cats mostly...
Dogs, mold, and dust but not as much.
Wants me to keep lucky out of my room and bed....which is going to be tough since he's use to be able to go anywhere and such. I'm just going to try and keep him off more, we already clean our sheets about 1 a week - every other week so I'm going to try doing that more. He said smoke can trigger my allergies/asthma to act up more so I think I'm going to stop smoking before bed since I can't sleep anymore unless I use Vicks.
He tried paying me to join a study in allergy/asthma testing but I don't think I'm interested.

He listened to my lungs and sent me straight over to the asthma center to do breathing tests,my lung capacity is still at 51% and he kinda freaked out but I told him its normal for me but he wanted me to do a breathing treatment anyways and retake the test, it did improve 13% so he Said if I wanted to start using my nebulizer again I could but I don't want to get use to steroids and maybe depend on them, but idk well see.

Blllllaaaaaahhhh, I knew I was doomed as a kid when everyone told me both sides of y family are allergic to cats, as a kid I would pray that I never would be...I knew 100% walking in there it would be that, but I was still hoping not.

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