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Like a book club, but for movies!

The Movie Club
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
A club for people to watch and discuss movies on a regular basis, much like a bookclub. We'll discuss themes and issues, characters and directors, producers and film techniques.

Don't be scared if you're not a movie expert... you don't need a degree in film to post here. All we ask is that you be open minded, a movie lover and open to sharing your opinions with others.

Your friendly mods are myusernamesucks and digitalxash.


- We're completely cool about mature content (swearing, nudity, etc), but as soon as it offends us, we're gonna assume it offends other people and remove it. We're the most open-minded people in the world, but please don't take your submissions, comments or posts too far.

- Racisim, Intolerance, Non-Acceptance, Sexisim and/or any kind of hateful sentiments about anyone or anything will DELETED at first site (obviously this excludes in context discussion about a film, scene, actor, etc). This community is for everyone who loves movies, no matter what their race/sexuality/gender/religious affiliation.

- Please keep posts as on-topic as possible. Meaning, keep your posts/comment about movies, or at least related to movies.

- If you have a website, it'd be appreciated if you could add the button below to your site and link it back to us here. We want a diverse range of people to participate in this venture, so as to get many opinions on a range of different films, and the best way to do this is to advertise. This is optional, but it'd be awesome if you could do it.

- No community promotion/advertisements. Sorry, find somewhere else to spam.

- The week's Subject Movie and Theme are chosen by MODS ONLY. Currently, your mods are myusernamesucks and digitalxash. If you want to suggest a theme, email us with your idea and we'll definately consider it (as the club expands, obviously this can be open to change).

- Anonymous posters (this is mainly for you guys in the Empire Forums) may comment/discuss, but please include your regular screen name at the end of your post. Maybe even think about joining LiveJournal, even if it's just so us fellow club members can identify you easier... you wouldn't have to post your own whiny journal, and it's free!


So other members can get to know you better, please post this mini-survey before posting/commenting.

Last great film you saw:
Favorite Director:
Favorite Writer:
Favorite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Soundtrack:
Favourite Genre: