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Kim = newbie

Name: Kim (dude, not dudette)
Age: 20
Location: Brisbane, Australia.
Last great film you saw: Dog Day Afternoon
Favorite Director(s!): Sidney Lumet//Richard Linklater//Paul Thomas Anderson//Hayao Miyazaki
Favorite Writer: I actually don't pay that much attention to scriptwriting, but I love John Irving's books.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Morgan Freeman, Julianne Moore, I seem to like every movie these two are in.
Favorite Soundtrack: The Royal Tenenbaums (various, but I love Nico's songs), Lantana (Paul Kelly) and Somersault (Decoder Ring)
Favourite Genre: Kooky comedies crossed with 80's action and much dialogue.

Hellooooo, this community looks fun.

this week's movie:

is The Untouchables, starring Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia and Sean Connery, and written by David Mamet, directed by Brian De Palma.

Apologies for the late posting, with my dodgy ear and dodgy back, I've been a lazy lady this week.

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Alright kids, start posting your Shakesperian-type thoughts NOW.

[Unrelated side-note]
In the near future, I shall be starting an actual website for this shiz, including a messge board and other fun stuff. Maybe possibly a chat room of some kind. If anyone has any suggestions, please email (digitalxash at me with your thoughts. We also may be looking for another mod, if anyone is interested.

This week's movie:

Okay, something a little different this week.

Choose your favourite film adaptation of a Shakespeare film. Any kind of adaptation. This will be your film for this week! Around this time next week, we shall conregate and discuss each others choices.

If you feel like it, you can post the film you choose in a comment here.


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Perth kids!

We will be outing this Thursday evening to see Invasion of the Body Snatchers @ Horizon (we're hoping it's the Donald Sutherland version, but no one at the venue seems to be able to confirm which version it is). If anyone wishes to tag along and enjoy the film, please feel free.

Details are as follows:
Thurs 11/08 @
Horizon Planetarium
City West
cnr Sutherland St & Railway Pde
West Perth, Western Australia 6005

Film starts @ 7pm.
Tickets to be bought prior to 6:45pm.

no need to RSVP, just show up if you're interested!
unless you wish to hang with us, in which case, send us an email.
Max Fischer: Rushmore Yankee

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Name: Jonathon
Age: 21
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Last great film you saw: I rewatched Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995) this morning.
Favorite Director: Of all time? Maybe Stanley Kubrick or Martin Scorsese. Possibly Oliver Stone, Brian De Palma or Wes Craven, but they have made some shit.
Favorite Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Favorite Actor/Actress: Robert De Niro / changes far too often
Favorite Soundtrack: Rushmore
Favourite Genre: I really dislike the term genre, so you aren't going to get an answer from me.
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