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Mean, Meaner, Meanest ..

The Mean Girls

The Mean Girls
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This is a rating community, based on your looks, attitude, and style. Do you have what it takes to be a mean girl? We'll be the judge of that...

525 babeimafake concrete__rose

heart_of_piink renia_fae oh__really _kissthelipless

[DA] = deleted their application
toxicreine [DA]



You must be at least 16 years old to join.
Do NOT delete your application simply because you are getting no's or for any other reason. If you do, you will be automatically rejected. (If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.)
Kiss The Mean Queens ASSES; we're the last people you wanna piss off.
Have your application ready before you join, you only have 24 hours to post or you're removed.
You must have more Yes' then No's to get accepted, obviously.
The Mean Queens always get the final say.
You must post at least 4 (or more) pictures of yourself, included must be a full body shot, and a 150 x 150 icon size of your FACE!!!
If you get rejected, you may not reapply. We don't like you now, we won't like you later.
No commenting on anything other than your own application until you have been accepted.
Your subject must read AM I FETCH? so we know you have read the rules!!
Sorry boys, this community is for girls only.

Accepted Members Rules
Chat with the other MEAN GIRLS on AIM
When posting put MEAN GIRL in the subject line
When voting, put your answer in the subject line, and your comment in the comment box.
You must give a reason for either a yes or no vote.
Be honest, if they're not one of us, let them know.
Vote daily and be an active member in the community.
No text-only posts.
Post about fashion and style, pics of yourself, etc.
Don't start drama with any of The Mean Queens, you'll be banned. Get on our bad side and you're gone.


copy and paste this in your entry, then fill it out.

Accepted Stamp

Rejected Stamp


all credit for layout work and images goes to babeimafake & xo_dulzura.
(so don't even think about stealing. just because you lack creativity does not mean our stuff is up for grabs.)