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Am I Fetch?

name: Theresa.
age: 18 yrs. young.
location: Chi-town, IL.
AIM User Name: dziKa LaLa.
ethnic background: Polish-American (i know, i don't look Polish. lol.).
zodiac sign: Aquarius.
political affliation: Democratic.
likes: working out, dancing, singing, shopping, hanging out with friends, make-up, Maltese puppies, ++ more.
dislikes: fake two-faced people, gaining weight (eek), liars, ++ more.
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Favorites //

TV Show: Laguna Beach, anything on E!, VH1 or MTV.
Band/Singer: I listen to all types (genres) of music so I can't just pick one.
Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts.
Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Clothing Store: Just one? uhm ... Forever 21, Bebe, Rampage ; anything that has stylish, cutesy things.
Book: A Breakable Vow.

Opinion.. //

Gay marriage: hey, if you love someone why not? why would i tell someone what to do with their life and who to love?
Capital punishment: haven't really thought too much about this.

Burn Book.. burn 2 people of your choice. We must know who they are.
1. Kobe Bryant - c'mon i don't care if he cheated or not ... can we get over it please?!
2. Jaime Pressly - seriously, what has she really accomplished? ++ she used to be super cute but now? ...

Your thoughts//
Hot or Not & why:

Paris Hilton: hott ; fake or not she can pull off so many styles and attidues and crazy shit but you still love her.
Lindsay Lohan: hott ; used to hate her because she was a wannabe-pop Disney queen, but she's evolved with her style and attitude.
Adriana Lima: very hott ; she needs no explanation as to why.

Stephen (from Laguna Beach): hott ; he's too cute and nice.
Josh Hartnett: not ; i liked him in Pearl Harbor but that's it.
Brad Pitt: hott ; no explanation needed.

About you//
What is the ONE thing you couldn't live without?: my cell phone.
Tell us about a life experience that shaped who you are: i've lost a lot of friends to car accidents (involving alcohol) in the past two years and they were all my age. i think this just opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me greatful for everything and everyone that i have. not to mention i'm totally harsh on the whole drunk driving thing now. lol.

only body pic i have for now.

150 x 150.

or you can change it because i don't really like this one anyway. lol.

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