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WINGATES--- Taking Over The World, One W At A Time


Basics //

Name: Danielle Alexandra Mattie Wingate- I go by Wingate
Age: 18
Location: Florida
AIM User Name: plaidvirgin
Ethnic Background: 1/2 Italian, English, Irish, Danish, English, Canadian...all in small quantities ofcourse
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Political Affliation: Democratic
Likes: Reading, Working on my novels, Photography,food, Theaters and I'm a total movie whore
Dislikes: Liers, Cheaters, Schemers, Getting fat, Feet, and clowns...screw clowns dude
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Favorites //

TV Show: Niptuck by far! The O.C. comes in a close second, followed by C.S.I and Charmed....
Band/Singer:Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, DESPARACIDOS, Garbage, Brand New, Cold, Coal Chamber, Get Up Kids, Fall out Boy, Something Corporate
Actor/Actress:Kirstin Dunst, Renee Zellweger, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts in certain roles
Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, White Oleander, Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, Virgin Suicides, Tart, Thinner, Amateur, It, Halloween, Anything Batman
Clothing Store: Charlotte Russe, The Pink Kitty, and 20's ~small store in my town, you probably don't know anything about it
Book: Invisible Monsters, We Were The Mulvaneys, Requiem For A Dream, Geek Love and Pure

Opinion //

Gay Marriage: There is nothing wrong with any type of love, be it gay or straight.
Capital Punishment: Don't think about it, to many things to take into perspective. You always say no, no, no until someone you love is killed and then everything changes so why even try and state an opinion if you have nothing to base it off of.

Burn Book.. burn 2 people of your choice. (We must know who they are.)
1. Ashley Simpson- You have to earn fame just like Ashley....o wait!
2. Pamela Anderson-OMG look at me look at me I got my boobs up to a 77777777 eee! Go me! Must I say more?

Your thoughts//

Hot or Not & why:

Paris Hilton: Hell yes. She may not be the perfect definition of beauty but when you can look at everyone in America and tell them to kiss your rich ass because you love who you are, you are hot as fuck. She does whatever she wants, wears whatever she wants and sleeps with whoever she wants. She is hot because she makes herself hot.
Lindsay Lohan: Yea, she's very pretty and keeps that whole sweet thing while still being hot as hell.
Adriana Lima: She has got to be one of the prettiest woman in the world.

Stephen (from Laguna Beach): Yea, I suppose so.
Josh Hartnett: He's been hot in 1 or 2 movies but it matters on the hair, lighting, makeup....
Brad Pitt: If I said no, I should be stonned to death

About you//

What is the ONE thing you couldn't live without?: My dvds, I told you, I'm a movie whore
Tell us about a life experience that shaped who you are: When I was ten a close friend of mine was killed because he was walking across the street and a drunk guy hit him. It was 2 p.m. and this guy was drunk. It ruined his family and his friends for a long time and it made me really think about the sort of things I don't want to do. One of them being drinking and driving along with other things

Lastly, post at least 4 pictures of yourself. Make sure you include 1 full body, and 1 150 x 150 icon pic of your face.

I don't have the right sized small one...I'm sorrrry
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