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only if you're hot.
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We're a rating community based 90% on looks. Think you've got what it takes?


1.) Fill out the application and post at least three pictures of yourself, but no more than six. If you’re thinking of putting up fake pictures, think again... we always find out. This community is for 14 and up. If you're 14, you will be judged harshly... not many 14 year olds are hot.
2.) If you've come here to tell us that we're shallow, or mean, you can go ahead and take your preaching elsewhere because we DON'T care, and we WON'T stop.
3.) This community is based 90% on looks. Your interests help a bit, but no one's going to say yes just because you like their favorite band.
4.) Please... use an lj-cut. No one wants your face (no matter how hot you are) flooding their friends' page.
5.) Make sure the questions on your application are bolded.
6.) If you've been rejected, you may re-apply with NEW PICTURES ONLY. If you get rejected again, you're obviously not welcome here... so go away.
7.) Don't reply to every single comment someone leaves on your application. Don’t vote on other applications until you’re accepted. Also, if you don’t like what we have to say, don't insult our community or the people in it. No one made you apply here...
8.) Do not type LykE DiSs!11!!!1!1!!! Here’s a shocker: not many people like it, and you will most likely get no votes all the way around, just because you’re fucking annoying.
9.) Don’t delete your application, no matter what we say.
10.) Don't use rich text, it messes up the application.
11.) Good luck, don't be a bitch, and you might get in.


1.) If you've made it through all that and you're accepted, congratulations. Do not promote in this community. You may when a mod makes a post giving you permission.
2.) Be active: vote, promote, and be a camera whore! If you're not going to be active for a week or longer, leave a post telling why. Also, if you have a question, contact one of the mods at their journals meeereeediiith and wambles, or send us an email to wambles@livejournal.com
3.) BE VERY SELECTIVE. Don't be afraid to be mean or harsh.

1.) Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Location:
4.) Five favorite bands/musicians:
5.) Five favorite movies:
6.) Three favorite stores:
7.) Promote us to a user or community, and provide the link:
8.) How did you find us?
9.) Rate the MODs (1-10):
10.) Your interests - list or picture:
11.) Post no less than three pictures of yourself.

Meredith. 15. Smalltown, Kentucky...meeereeediiith

Kerry. 15. Crapsville, New Mexico...wambles






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