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they call her stina.

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1.) Name: stina
2.) Age: 15
3.) Location: sunny south florida =)
4.) Five favorite bands/musicians: staind, brand new, three doors down, goo goo dolls, papa roach, t.i., gwen stefani, eminem, taproot, atreyu, whatever the fxck i feel like at the moment
5.) Five favorite movies: cruel intentions, practical magic, the fast and the furious 1 and 2, the skulls
6.) Three favorite stores: zakos, gadzooks, charlotte russe
7.) Promote us to a user or community, and provide the link:
8.) How did you find us?: in fxcking divine
9.) Rate the MODs (1-10): meeereeediiith-that's a really good picture of you.. you look laid back, and fun to chill with, definately look like a kenttucky girl... 10
wambles-not such a great pic lol... but you're in fxcking divine w. me and you seem super sweet... 9
10.) Your interests - list or picture: not going to waste space with pictures, words are more powerful regardless... volleyball, tennis, horsebackriding, livejournal, dancing =), drama, music, cars, guys with cars ;), guys period. lol. ok ill stop.
11.) Post no less than three pictures of yourself.

right before homecoming


homecoming again... me being stupid =)

oh so bored

not a flattering pic of me... but that's my baby sister!!! =)
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