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1.) Name: Chelsey
2.) Age: 15
3.) Location: eastpointe, michigan
4.) Five favorite bands/musicians: *greenday  *rascall flatts  *yellowcard  *ryan cabrera  *kelly clarkson  *ashlee simpson(her music, but not
5.) Five favorite movies: *NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE  *dodgeball  *anchorman  *fast times at ridgemont high  *the breakfast club
6.) Three favorite stores: *old navy(i loooove vintage)  *pacific sunwear  *gadzooks
7.) Promote us to a user or community, and provide the link: </a></a>crazypixie1987  the link:
8.) How did you find us? im in fxcking_divine, and someone promoted in there
9.) Rate the MODs (1-10): meeereeediiith is a 9...i love her hair
wambles is a 9 also, really pretty
10.) Your interests - Story or picture: interests- i love singin! im in 4 of 6 choirs in my school. im a cheerleader, umm i like to read
story- if u mean like book...its Go Ask Alice by anonymous
picture- this

11.) Post no less than three pictures of yourself.

 my "glamour shots" lol

 me being stupid

 im on the BFF is the other girl

 my "crew" on the farrr right

last 1 since there is a limit of ima camera whoore

 me n TC



thanks for your time  xoxo

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