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The Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo
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Welcome to Pink Flamingo. Not to sound cliche' but this rating community is like no other. We give to you unlimited amount of activities, prizes, everything you would want from a community. We try to bring the internet to reality, giving you real life prizes. Considering everyone's interests and thoughts. I, myself, love Green Day so I would love to win a Green Day CD. But for some members who might like hip-hop, I will give away Eminem or Bow Wow CDs. Here, everyone is considered. We rate on looks, personality, and the overall effort in your application. No one will be judged on religion, political point of views, style, opinions, etc. We will try to be as fair and unbiased as possible. This community is replacing my old community dangerouslyhot, which has died because I was on hiatus for three months. But now I am prepared to make a community like no other, so help us out and join. Are you willing to test yourself and find out if you can be a Pink Flamingo?

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