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thedarkroom_'s Journal

The Dark Room
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
The Rules...

1. this is a metro picture community
2. that means do not post pictures of clouds, landscapes, puppies, any other animals, flowers, etc...
3. post pictures of nightlife, bright colors, fast-paced, exciting things, people, you (cam whores are allowed)...but please, no porn
4. be nice to eachother
5. the pictures don't need to be the original copy (a.k.a. edits in photoshop are extremely welcome)
6. if you join, post!
7. when you are a new member, post some information about yourself
8. promoting is okay, but please, try to stick to the topic (photography)
9. make your pictures a reasonable size (not TOO big)
10. USE an LJ cut if you have more than one (or a really big one) pictures
11. please promote in your info!

...the moderators are....

rachel rawrawraw

anna anarchy00

...moral supporters are...(haha)

chris! radiclerad