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The coolest kids on the planet.
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Welcome to thecoolkids_ This is a community that is all about us who truly rock or at least we think we do. Think your cool? Then join us in uniting all the cool kids of lj. This community is all about being yourself so please no FAKES!! We want you to come be apart of our community, and most of you are going to be cool enough for us. So here are a few simple rules you need to follow to join. Thanks!

2. Please no discrimination, we're all nice here so we dont want anyone being mean and getting kicked out!
3. Once again...BE NICE!
4. When posting a lot of stuff...please use the damn LJ-CUT!
5. Talk about anything that you would want your mama to hear.
6. No revealing pics of yourself. Please i'm sure you're all hot but we dont need to see your goods.
7. Have fun and BE YOURSELF.
8. Please put the community banner on your info page to help promote.

Everyone must fill out an application in order to be accepted. Sorry folks but those are the rules.


+The basics+
Where do you live:

+What makes You+
List 7 of your favorite bands:
1 movie you could watch forever without it getting old.
A good word.
What would make you one of the coolest kids on the planet.
What are the 3 most important things in your life.
Decribe yourself in 3 sentences.

same sex marriage:
Teen pregnancy:

Fill in the blanks.

I went to ______, and i saw a ________, and i asked __________?
But then __________ gave me a _________, and i _________.

If you had one day in your life to do whatever you wanted,
to go anywhere you wanted, what would you do?

What does this quote say to you...

"Because this is nothing like we'd ever dremt
Tell Sir Thomas Moore we've got another failed attempt
Cuz if it makes them money they might just give you life this time."

What do you think of the mods part_your_lips & _shes_so_in??

You must post at least 3 pictures of yourself.

P.S. When posting the application remember to remove the stars.

Thanks for choosing us...thecoolkids!


Made By ♥ defeated


Made By ♥ part_your_lips

♥Your mods♥

part_your_lips and _shes_so_in