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+The basics+
Name: Devan
Age: 14
Where do you live: Michigan

+What makes You+
List 7 of your favorite bands: I'm into alot of different music !!(basically anything but techno):P I like Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Postal Service, Marroon Five, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and (dont laugh) Martina McBride.
1 movie you could watch forever without it getting old. hahaha HeaveyWeights!! or Tommy Boy.
A good word. Cowbell
What would make you one of the coolest kids on the planet. own a chocolate factory like in willy wonka and hire little people to walk around in oompa loompa outfits.
What are the 3 most important things in your life. (1)family, school and my buddies :P
Decribe yourself in 3 sentences. I love music, hanging out with friends, theater (acting and behind the scenes stuff), watching SNL, shopping and other good stuff. I'm a pretty care free person, like you will rarely ever see me get catty or bitchy, I'm just not like that, but if theres something seriously going wrong I can't just let it go by. I think its so much better to have a group (even if its small) of really good friends that you'll always have rather than a whole bunch of people you call your "friends" that could care less about you. (I've been there.)

Drugs: i've never taken them and don't want to, drugs screw up your life! I'm not just saying that because oh I've had classes in school that teach me about drugs! no its not like that. I know people around my age who have been busted for drugs... its just really stupid to put yourself in that situation.
same sex marriage: Okay, I think gay people are great and I think people should have tolerance for homosexuals. I'm Christian, and in the bible it does say that people who are gay will not go to heaven. As far as I know, thats the only thing in the bible I don't agree with. I think gays should be allowed to be GAY, its not like they woke up one morning and said "I want to be gay today." It doesn't work like that, they were born gay. So I think gays should be allowed to have homosexual relationships. I'm fourteen and I dont know the specifics on gay marriage, like what rights they'd be able to have, so I dont have a strong opinion, yes or no. But what I do know is that there are so many people in the world day, murders, drug dealers... "gay" shouldn't be a label to put on someone as if its a horrible crime. Just to love someone, is that really so wrong?
Religon: I'm a Christian and believe God is there. I think its good for people to believe in something, which ever religion it is, because its good to believe and have good morals. ;)
Teen pregnancy: If a teen becomes pregnant, I think she should fufill the pregnancy and if she can't raise it herself, give the baby up for adoption. Lets say a very young girl becomes pregnant from rape, a man she doesn't even know or even a family member, and goes into the doctor finding out that shes a week pregnant. In this case I think abortion could be a choice, although I hate the idea of killing babies. I think that the woman whom is pregnant should atleast have the choice.
Racism: Give people a chance before you label them "black kid" "indian girl" "asian". I have a lot of good friends that are not white and I think racism is stupid.

(sorry, that was pretty long) lol

Fill in the blanks.

I went to Germany, and i saw a an old man, and i asked how are you?
But then he gave me a response in german, and i was confused.

If you had one day in your life to do whatever you wanted,
to go anywhere you wanted, what would you do? I think I'd send really awesome christmas gifts to soliders overseas, star in an episode of Degrassi and throw a party for a bunch of kids in a hospital !! haha

What does this quote say to you...

"Because this is nothing like we'd ever dremt
Tell Sir Thomas Moore we've got another failed attempt
Cuz if it makes them money they might just give you life this time."
... I'm really bad that that stuff. no idea. :-/ !

What do you think of the mods part_your_lips & _shes_so_in??
They're crazy.

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... playing guitar, when I had bangs....
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... me and Lindsay when I visited her in Alaska last summer!! :)
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title or description
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haha and CHAD

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