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+The basics+ Name:Brittney Keller Age:13 Where do you live:renovo pa +What makes You+ List 7 of your favorite bands:atreyu,brand new,dear who ever, every time i die, the spill canvas, hawthorne heights, a7x 1 movie you could watch forever without it getting old.nightmare before christmas A good word. mom What would make you one of the coolest kids on the planet.ummm i dont mind being me cuz everyone loves me!!! its true What are the 3 most important things in your life. my friends, music!!!,my boyfriend Decribe yourself in 3 sentences.i rule! i am a super hero! i have a 100 year old gram +opinions+ Drugs: tryed um most of my friends do it...not my pic but sure i guess same sex marriage:im bi fuckin right Religon:so for it most of my friends faded away from god and dont like him...i love him Teen pregnancy:you got your self into it!! never get abortion its so mean!!! Racism:no way!!! wre all the people...cant we all be friends? +Randomness+ Fill in the blanks. I went to warp tour, and i saw a co & ca, and i asked for a hug? But then i was so happy b/c gave me a _kiss on the cheek, and i turned beat red. If you had one day in your life to do whatever you wanted, to go anywhere you wanted, what would you do? i'd go to the biggest concert with all my fav ands in one and take all my friends What does this quote say to you...its deep and powerful creative "Because this is nothing like we'd ever dremt Tell Sir Thomas Moore we've got another failed attempt Cuz if it makes them money they might just give you life this time." What do you think of the mods part_your_lips & _shes_so_in?? very cool not a big fan of cheeta You must post at least 3 pictures of yourself...i only have one and u have to im me 4 the her lX3l tragedy

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