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We're all just a bunch of snobs. You don't want to know us.
bashing, being awesome, being-amused-at-mr-ford-hating-freshman, bringing boring teachers down, buist, chatting, chinatown, cool people, die fat secretary, disliking the unholy trinity, err, fantastic-four-and-two-ferrets, fat pat, flo, friends, fright night, hating devin, hating rap music, having a personality, ignoring the newmans, intelligent discussions, kay-double-yoo, killing stupidity, lurch, may, most definitely, mrs drawdy is awesomeness, mrs jeffers is love, musgrave is old, nipplitis, nonetheless, not being cojo, screwing curtis over, sleeping in chapel, the juniors in drama, the old mrs delvalle, unfake people, uvas, weekends, weird-tangents-with-mr-williams