catrinah hate.

ok guys. i gave in today. melody has informed me of the "i dont like catrinah club". i would like to join. she thoroughly pissed me off today at lunch. i mean i could tolerate her before and we used to be good friends but lately shes changed completely. she got coke all in my hair and on my shirt, didnt care, didnt even acknowledge that she did it. then she screamed at me for something i didnt even do. i know i sound extremely whiny but melody can vouch for me on this.. even SHE was mad and nothing happened to her. so thanks to mel for understanding where im coming from lol

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Hi, everybody! So... the Burn Book is officially back! Too bad we wasted all that money at Michaels' that day. XD A whole $10.

Any problems with anything, tell me or whatever. :P
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