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FIC: The Monsters Are Due in Washington Square (Xander/OC, Xander/Faith [past tense]; PG-13)

Title:  The Monsters Are Due in Washington Square
Author:  Lizbeth Marcs
Summary:  Nothing’s the same after the monsters come to town.

Genre:  Gen; Apoca-fic, dark fic, future fic
Rating:  PG-13
Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series
Characters:  Xander, Faith, Willow, Angel, original characters
Pairings:  Xander/OC; Xander/Faith (referred to in the past tense)

Warnings: Buffy and Angel comics are willfully and cheerfully ignored. Character (original character) death. Violence.

Author’s Note:  Title inspired by The Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” written by series creator Rod Serling. Opening quote taken from The Twilight Zone episode, “Third from the Sun” written by Rod Serling. Story vaguely inspired by a mash-up of both “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” and “Third from the Sun”.

Disclaimer: Xander Harris, Faith Lehane, Willow Rosenberg, Angel, and all associated characters and organizations are the property of FOX and Mutant Enemy. Any mention of real life events and real people is not meant to imply that the people or incidents in question as they are used in the story have any relationship to reality. All original characters and the plot are mine. No payment was asked for or received in the writing of this story and no profit was earned. No copyright infringement on FOX or Mutant Enemy is intended.

Additional Media:  Fanmix for The Monsters Are Due In Washington Square by krilymcc. Cover Art by in the first installment is by tinylegacies.

Written for apocabigbang 

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