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Fic: Me Too" Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith

Title: Me Too: The Teaser

Author: Strange Bint


Rating: Mature 18 and over only!

Pairings: Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith Fuffy, Spuffy, Spangle, Spaith


Note: You’ll love this fic if you’d like to see what a future “canon” foursome would be like. Takes place after the comic, BUT if you don’t like the comic it won’t ruin anything, promise. Spoilers for all seasons and to Comic # 32. Also, I’m building to the dirtier stuff. Holiday fic, future fic, mutiple partner

Summary: Oh God! It was Valentine’s Day? It was Valentine’s Day. It was Valentine’s day, and Buffy was getting way closer to 30 than 20 and she just spent the night in an orgy with the two vampires that broke her heart and the bitch who tried to steal them. Spike and Faith were kissing on Valentine’s Day, and he bought her a present. Angel was sleeping. Everyone was naked! Buffy had to get the fuck out of here and get ready to totally uncelebrated her coming birthday week. And never ever speak of this to anyone.

Buffy had her naked back to Angel’s naked chest. Her favorite place in the world. She could feel him still half hard against her back. Her favorite half-thing in the world. Where in the world were they again? In a nice really comfy bed. One of those hippy ones that was on the ground with a wood frame and hunter green sheets and soft caramel covers. It was like they were the nougat in a minty candy bar, and Spike and Faith could be that other nougaty stuff that was a different layer of nougat but still yummy enough. Where was Spike? Buffy wasn’t touching him, and she wanted to be. She needed to be for this spell to not kill them, right? Buffy did have her arm around Faith’s middle. Faith’s super cute tan ass was slightly touching Buffy. Buffy’s fingers would rub against Faith’s patch of scars that went from the inside of her left hip to where the beginning of her trimmed dark honey pubs were. Faith had tasted like honey. It seemed kind of crazy that Buffy had done that. Crazier that they started out fighting and it came to this. Okay, maybe this was more crazy than the fighting part.

Buffy wasn’t facing Faith’s scars now but they looked like ocean waves. Maybe that was why Faith had tattooed some black ocean waves on part of the scars. She implied it was for some kind of protection. Of course, the silly hottie wouldn’t tell her how she got her new tattoo or the scars under it. Faith wanted protection from her scars and got some cheesy tattoo. She was still scruffy little Miss Mixed-Message Faith. Buffy let her fingertips feel the swirl of the scars on Faith’s muscley little tummy. It was weird how Buffy just had to kiss it and kiss it and kiss it before. Silly spell. She was almost mad when Angel pulled Faith away to do his Angel and Faith things with her. But, Angel more than made up for his mistake in the end like he always does.

“Mmm, B,” Faith murmured and laughed as Buffy felt the swirls on Faith’s stomach.

“Girl knows right where to go. She’s petting my sad little ghost of dream. Mmmm, feels almost like it’s not there when she touches me.”

That almost sounded poetic. Faith poetic? Only in Buffy’s dreams. And maybe this was a dream. Maybe Buffy was having a really crazy wonderful dream where Faith had become this almost-hippy girl. Of course, even in dreams Faith couldn’t lose her hard blunt edge. Can edges be blunt? Faith could if she was an edge. Faith was too big to turn into anyone else. She had tried and failed that once.

Also the decorating was all about this changing-but-still-Faith. There were a lot of statues of gods and goddesses around, and the scent of incense, and rich relaxing rustic colors. Asian rugs, and then a Sex Pistol and some dug addict-looking woman singer poster, a Sponge Bob doll, a Family Guy baby and some other stuff. It was like a West Elm and a Turkish shop had a weird merger with a Hot Topic. Turkey! That’s where they were. Turkey. Faith lived on a mountain in Turkey. Also, there was something else different about her, but the same. Maybe Spike. He lived here too. With Faith. But, they had never really said what there arrangement was. Kind of hard to talk about it with the whole group sex thing happening even though Buffy had asked. She wasn’t about to now. More sleep, please.

“Pity, you aren’t coming though, Gotten used to you like that.”

There was Spike. He was on the other side of Faith. Buffy opened her eyes enough to see that he was sitting up all awake. He seemed to be the less affected by the spell than everyone else, which was weird. Even weirder, Spike was human now. Note to self: Buffy had to ask how that had happened. He still had super-human strength and stamina, and skills. For the love of Odin, did the boy have skills. Even Angel had to come to admit it. HA! Come to admit it. Angel would act all grumpy when she told him that. But, Buffy didn’t want a grumpy Angel. She just wanted to stay in his arms like this forever. Buffy did see Spike was holding Faith’s hand. Maybe they had been together before this, or this had brought them together. Just for sex.

“You came whenever she was sweet,” Spike in his bedroom voice to Faith. So sexy.

“Spell ‘s wearing off,” he said in his gentle but concerned voice.

Buffy felt something she hadn’t in a day-- a quick shot of panic. The spell was wearing off! She stopped stroking Faith’s stomach and pulled her arm back and off of Faith and shut her eyes.

“When isn’t B sweet?” Faith said, “Shit! There’s going to be major fall out. Especially with her, like you said.”

Like he said? We’re they talking about Buffy behind her back? After all she had given them?

“We’ve got a reprieve,” Spike said, “Looks like she’s back to sleep. ‘Sides, I can handle her. Got lots of practice dealing with her when she’s guilty about shagging.”

Ha! Screw you, vampire or, um, human Spike, Buffy wasn’t sleeping.

“Didn’t you tell me she just used to hit you and run away,” Faith said.

“Right, yeah. See, I can handle that.”

Buffy felt like she did in sixth grade when her friends at the sleepover thought she was asleep in her Snoopy sleeping bag and they were all talking about her. Her sleeping bag was babyish. Her Sun-in blonde hair looked really fake and slutty. She was not as pretty as she thought she was. Meanwhile, she kept all those girls secrets!
Buffy’s insides burned. If that stupid spell was still in affect she might even be doing something stupid like crying.

“That’s not the happy ending I want here,” Faith said.

What did the bitch know about happy endings? Unless she meant…

“I—“ Spike began juicily. Shut-up, Spike.

“Shut-up!” Faith said, “I mean that’s not what B deserves. I want this to be cool for her. She doesn’t need another thing to feel bad over, especially when it’s something she should feel good about it.”

Faith wanted Buffy to feel good about this? Buffy opened her eyes to Faith’s pout. She had golden skin. Her tiny ribcage smothered by her huge round breasts. Her nipples were big and round and pinker than Buffy thought they would be. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders in soft waves and divided evenly in front and back. She would look like a classic naked portrait sitting on a bed if she didn’t have her legs over a lean sculpted man with short peroxide-hair that was damp and curled at the ends. It was kind of hard to be mad at them all of a sudden. She had forgiven her friends in 6th grade too. Everybody gets talked about, Mom said. And actually Buffy vaguely remembered Spike telling her to her front she was going to have a crash from this spell, a crash and mood swings. Hmm. She wasn’t feeling any of that.

“You feel good about it?” Spike asked Faith.

“I would, but sex never changes anything for me,” Faith said.

Of course, Faith didn’t care about things like this. Must be nice.

“Sorry. Did you suddenly think I was anyone else but me, because that’s who’d believe that,” Spike said.

Faith sighed and rolled her eyes at Spike. Buffy could relate.

“Sex makes everything more complicated when you do it with people you care about, but for the first time ever it just made things simpler. But, now there’s this after part,” Faith said.

“I think that’s usually the way it goes. The after part is the rub,” Spike said.

“What is the bad thing that happens if we let this spell go on again?” Faith asked.

“Supposedly, we all starve to death from fucking each other, accept the big man who still has fangs, and he’d go mad. The spell used to be used to call Gods and Goddesses.”

“I’ve had enough of Goddesses fucking me,” Faith said, “Man, it’s like everything I do has something to do with that bitch.”

Faith was messing around with a Goddess? Oh, that was very naughty.

“Well, she wants nothing to do with me because I fuck you better, remember?” Spike said.

“Oh, right,” Faith said.

Faith and Spike pissed off a Goddess by fucking. So, they had fucked before, and now they were again. Right now. Buffy saw their profiles. Saw their lips come together and heard the smacking. The caramel covers swirled around their waists and made a hill Buffy couldn’t see over. Buffy wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing under there. But, it wasn’t like before. The bed wasn’t shaking and Faith wasn’t rising up with Spike in beautiful blinding ray of white light. But, Faith still had this look on her face she got when her and Spike did it. Like Faith was struggling to keep huge brown eyes open until she couldn’t anymore, and then feeling something awesome when she lost the fight. That was why Buffy had thought they had never did it before, but they had, hadn’t they? Well, this was Faith. She had no reason to hang with a (former) vampire and say no to convenient and awesome sex.

“No, no,” Faith grunted as one of her arms braced to push against Spike’s chest while her other arm hooked around her shoulder. She clearly didn’t mean it, Miss Mixed Message.

“We—we can’t. The spell will—If I keep coming, it’ll keep going,” Faith sputtered.

“No,” Spike said grinning the evil grin eyes lighting up grin.

“It’s only until you have your brilliant-glowing-come,” Spike said as he enunciated the last three words and Faith moaned in the same rhythm.

Ah, so Spike was doing that talking in the rhythm of finger banging, again. Well, he was super good at that.

“Which you did, didn’t you, my fiery little goddess, didn’t you?”

Faith’s answer was that little squeak Buffy never would’ve known she could make. It sounded like a girl at a shoe-sale and Faith wasn’t into shoes. Spike was so awesome when he just gave pleasure and could keep his lips moving. Buffy heard kiss smacks in between his words. She wasn’t looking at them anymore. She had her eyes closed and leaned into Angel’s chest. Buffy touched herself. Suddenly she felt Angel’s hand encircling her wrist. Buffy went to turn and face Angel, but he stopped her and said:

“Shhhh,” in her ear and then bit the back of her earlobe sending shocks through her body. But she wasn’t the one making any noise. Spike and Faith were. Oh, Angel meant to stay quiet. Buffy wished he’d use his words. Maybe he meant…Oh God! He slid inside of her.

“I just want you now,” Angel said.

Well, those were good words. Buffy responded with her body.

“We’ll just block out his yammering,” Angel grunted so softly in her ear.

What? Oh yeah, talking Spike. Talking Spike with moaning, grunting, squealing whimpering Faith. Buffy hadn’t been listening. She just heard Faith’s noises and she had a wide range. Why hadn’t Angel said to block her out too? Who cares? He was so good at moving with her body and Buffy loved him so much. So much. And she didn’t exactly not love Spike either and his sexy talk:

“…supposed to have that come with all of you lovers on you, you know? That’s how the gods wanted it. They’d take The Chosen girl that was the best and brightest and they’d teeeease her, tease her, fast, fast, slow—Fast, slow. They’d all suck her and shag her and snog her and love her and love her and fuck her. And she’d give it right back to them sucking…”

God, Spike was so hot, and Angel moving inside of her was everything she wanted. Buffy didn’t exactly hate hearing Faith sing to Spike’s tune either. Buffy heard kiss smacks, and grunts. It was Faith. Hot Faith, who would kiss you and bite you as you made her come. Her lips more grateful than her words could ever be. Buffy remembered all the things she did with Faith, and Spike. And the spell had to be wearing off because she didn’t want to do them again---exactly. But Angel, oh goddamn, Angel just fucking her and filling her like he had nothing to lose because he didn’t. Not with Spike and Faith there anyway. Angel couldn’t get a perfect happy while Spike was doing a major sex-monologue:

“But, you, your wet brilliant cunny didn’t go down when all you lovers were on you, did it, love? Not that it didn’t explode again and again. It firecracked so hard it made me have several grand finales. Buffy taking you like the little animal she is. You and the poof and his big---“

Oh God! Buffy jerked in pleasure as Angel moved suddenly harder. As he squeezed her tits Buffy realized in secret joy Angel liked hearing Spike talk. He just wasn’t perfectly happy he liked it, which was oddly perfect for Buffy. Buffy imagined a world where she could have Spike talking and Angel fucking—making love-forever and ever and ever. No one would leave her.

“But, who’d your knee-buckling cunny glow for?” Spike asked

“Spike!” a girlie voice shrieked. Faith.

Angel! God! Angel was going to come. Buffy could feel it. She liked him silent like this. Just coming. Oh God! Angel. Buffy loved this. She wanted this; she’d give up anything…He was coming—Angel!

“Right, love, but just so you know, I don’t care. I wouldn’t care if you came with all of us or none of us or even bloody him, because I love you. I love you, no matter what. You hear me.”

What? What was Spike saying? Buffy had just come and Faith was squealing now, like she had never stopped. Buffy didn’t want her pleasure to stop either now. Actually, Buffy realized she could live without Faith’s squealing. It was getting on her nerves. It had covered up any noise Angel or Buffy made. Faith—always taking it too far. But, Buffy wanted to come again with Angel, and it sounded like Spike had said something hot Buffy had missed.

“But, still it was pretty fuckin’ brilliant that it was for me!” Spike laughed now.

“Eeeh, heh, huh, Damn,” Faith was starting to make intelligible noises.

Buffy was tingly and legs-numby, and Angel, Angel was…sleeping again! No way.

“I love you,” Spike said to Faith and it didn’t sound tragic at all.

Well, maybe he just loved her as a friend, who he had sex with. That was what they all just had done. That was what they all just had done! OH! MY! GOD! Buffy still couldn’t leave Angel’s arms. She was nestled in pretty good. Spike and Faith would know she was awake. What had they done?

“Yeah, me too,” Faith said groggily.

Really? That was the best Faith could do with no (evil) spell on her. Spike and Faith had been hanging out for years- apparently- and he just said he “loved” her and all she had to say was: “me too!” What did that even mean when people said that- “me too.” They loved themselves too? Enough people had just loved Faith for a whole day. It had been Faith day. She didn’t need to love herself too. That was like the only thing Faith hadn’t done. That Angel, Buffy and Spike hadn’t done with Faith that she had loved every minute of. God!

“’Til the end of time,” Faith said simply, mockingly, “Not that I should quote any cheesy George Michael 80s songs that will remind you of my secret daddy-kink. Bet you’ll hold that against me ‘til the end of time.”

“Only when it’s for me, and I hold it longer than him, remember?”

Buffy could hear Spike’s grin. What were they talking about? George Michael song? “Faith?” “I Want You’re Sex?” Faith said she should remind Spike of…Oh God! The song was “Father Figure!” Why did Faith remind him? Buffy wondered. Why? Every time Angel even said the word Da-- Faith would…No! No! No! How could this have happened?

“It’s me that can’t hold on to anything inside to make the daddy thing a reality for you, huh?” Faith said, “But, if you think group sex spell is gonna make me open up about that misadventure you are still high!”

Buffy didn’t want to know what that meant. She heard the wind blow and stared at the soft painted evergreen walls as giant bamboo shade lifted a little. It let a little sunlight but not enough to hurt Angel. It was deceptively peaceful.

“Reminds me,” Spike said, “Got you something.”

Buffy peaked and he walked two big steps to the shiny oak dresser and back with a smile he was trying to hide into a smirk.

“ And the spell ‘s over. Let the sandwich bread sleep it off,” he said, “This is about us now.”

“I know you didn’t just call the woman you got a soul for and the guy who saved my ass sandwich bread,” Faith laughed.

Sandwich bread? What did that even mean? Buffy wished they’d just stop talking.

“Quiet,” Spike said, “This is for you. I know you’ll recognize her. If you don’t want her, that’s fine. I—I just think you do. It’s just a symbol, a token. Don’t get all Slayer on me. If you don’t want it I also got—“

“It’s—it’s fuckin’ beautiful,” Faith gasped.

She cut-off Spike’s insecure rambling. Was Spike doing his insecure rambling? Was he doing it for Faith? Sandwich bread! Buffy got it. She was just something that held the meat together. Spike thought Faith was the meat, and Buffy didn’t even get to be the cheese.

“I—I- Of course I want it. You know I want it! It-it’s not going to work at all, ya know, but--I really want it,“ Faith said.

Faith looked inside the open box where Buffy couldn’t see. Buffy didn’t know what could make Faith sound like this. She hoped there was nothing evil in the box.

“You never know,” Spike said, But that’s not the point, is it It’s about what you are, even though you had loss, nothing can take away the goddess in you that you always will be.”

“And we still aren’t fucking talking about it, Limey bastard.” Faith sounded pissed yet moved.

What human mixes those two emotions?

“’Course not. Just let me be the daddy that gets you the best presents,” Spike said

Faith let out a little chuckle now. God! Buffy would do anything for them to stop! Well, not anything.

“I didn’t get you anything. Well, accept for misadventure number five hundred and one here. I was gonna cook for you. Blood pudding, not the real kind, but the Brit kind, and then I was gonna fuck your brains as you know. I guess I just overdid that part. Classic me,” Faith said to Spike.

“Everyone loves a classic,” Spike said.

Um, Buffy was someone (not just bread) and she was really unimpressed by classic Faith. In fact, she hated her. Buffy had really tried to kill her.

“’Sides, you already just gave me everything I could want today. You let me into the only place you still lock away,” Spike said to Faith.

“Technically that was last night, and thanks for being so, ya know, gentle to get me to open up.”

Oh God! Oh sweet love of nothing! Spike and Faith and Angel. The stake to Angel’s throat and how Faith loved it and Angel—Buffy had never seen him like that before and all she did was just lay back and accept it. Literally, for that first part anyway.

“Set myself up for that, didn’t I? Ah, well. Happy Valentine’s day, love,” Spike said.

“You too, baby. Guess I’ll just make blood pudding for everyone,” Faith said.

Oh God! It was Valentine’s Day? It was Valentine’s Day. It was Valentine’s day, and Buffy was getting way closer to 30 than 20 and she just spent the night in an orgy with the two vampires that broke her heart and the bitch who tried to steal them. Spike and Faith were kissing on Valentine’s Day, and he bought her a present. Angel was sleeping. Everyone was naked! Buffy had to get the fuck out of here and get ready to totally uncelebrated her coming birthday week. And never ever speak of this to anyone.

“Put her on me,” Faith commanded in that sultry way.

Faith wanted Spike to put Buffy on her!

“Don’t touch me!” Buffy yelled and jumped up off the bed.

Buffy saw Spike about to put a necklace on Faith. It had charm on it that was a wreath with naked kneeling lady with a cat’s head in the center. It was ugly and creepy. Just like everything here. It must have been the spell that made Buffy think this was a good decorating scheme. Now, it just looked like all these faces were staring at her. She made it to the bedroom door and made some kind of a sinking noise realizing she was naked. Faith was walking up to her equally naked.

“You—you did this!” Buffy seethed at Faith, “This is what you always wanted. God, this is what you’ve always wanted! You—you’re a—You did something with my clothes and made me—made me sing a John Cougar Melloncamp song!”

“B, wait. Just—just don’t freak out, okay?” Faith said with her hands up.

“Don’t touch her, love,” Spike said as he stood up naked and put a naked hand on a naked Faith’s shoulder.

“Your clothes are on the reading chair. Shoes, if you want to call them that, are under it,” Spike said to Buffy

Buffy did not look at either of them in their nakedness. She went to the soft green easy chair with the big arms and got her clothes. Buffy had…with Faith on this chair! Well, clothes can be burned for now she just put them on and bared it. A cute red sweater and brown suede jacket, jeans and her Dolche and Gabbana red heals that may be a few seasons old but had a strap that made them perfect for flying. She would not burn the shoes.

“B—“ Faith began coming up behind her.

“Don’t touch her, love. I mean it. She’s violent when she’s out of her denial and onto anger. Can we just skip depression and get to acceptance?” Spike had the nerve to roll his eyes at Buffy but then he sighed

“We love you, Buffy,” he said “I lo—“

“You! You’re just loving this! You and your you-ness!” Buffy was too angry to think but then she did think some about the spell and Spike.

“Actually, you weren’t like you,” Buffy realized of Spike, “You were, but you had control. You could have stopped it. You were calm. Just like she was, but she’d never stop it. She’s a ho-bag!”

“Oi!” Spike said. That’s what he said when he was too angry to say anything.

“Oh please! You think you’re so special with your ‘I love you’s’ and your jewelry with your creepy Cat ladies. She probably only acted like a greeting card commercial because the spell hasn’t worn off on her yet. Because she’s ‘The Center.’”

Buffy made the most pissed air-quotes ever made. That’s what they said Faith was, The Center of the spell, because she touched the Euphori fig, and they had all touched her, and all the desire they had for her would come to the surface, and they had to have an orgy to balance out the energy or they’d all die, and Ancient Greece “Mysteries” and blah blah blah.

“She would be the center of something like this. Don’t think you’re special, Spike,” Buffy said, “She’s fucked everyone!”

“She’s right, and I just got all the ones I missed,” Faith smiled wryly. Naked now complete with creepy cat-lady necklace.

“Don’t!” Spike snapped at Faith, but his angry eyes looked at Buffy, “Don’t let her do that to you. Insult you like that. You--“

“Me?” Buffy gasped, “You don’t want—“

“Don’t worry, B. I know what I am to you and I get it,” Faith said, “But, at least you an’ Angel got to be together again and don’t let anything that happened between—“

“No!” Buffy yelled, “Angel never would have even touched you without that spell! I don’t know what sick game you’ve pulled on Spike to make him think you’re some kind of goddess when he used to know you were a murdering whore, bu—“

“That’s it—“ Spike said and took a step towards Buffy.

“Okay, why don’t we just take it down a notch or two,” Faith said as she pushed Spike away from Buffy.

“What the hell is going on?” Suddenly Angel was there.

Oh, god! Angel was there. Angel who had sex with Faith.

“I fall asleep for a few minutes and this whole thing get out of control,” he said.

“You want out of control!” Spike yelled as he got in Angel’s face, “I’ll give you out of control. Just-just let me put some clothes on. I didn’t mean-- and bloody hell, find your pants.”

Spike’s yell crumpled into a murmur. Faith laughed. Spike and Angel had slept together. Faith had made them, or, um, no, that was Buffy’s idea, but it wasn’t! It was the spell.

“You find your pants,” Angel said and he started looking for his pants.

Spike whipped his jeans out from under the bed and put them on. His jaw jutted out with frustration. He found Faith’s dress and pulled it over her head. Faith was still laughing as she stuck her arms though it and pulled it down.

“Thanks for the much needed levity, Angel,” Faith said.

Buffy saw Angel give Faith his adorable humbled look. So, Faith wasn’t mad at Angel anymore. Sex solved everything. God!

“See. This is all a big joke to her!” Buffy said, “And I know that she set up this sick spell for us.”

“Yes,” Spike said, “Faith set up a sex spell that forced you and Angel to leave your precious towers of power and stalk us all day and break into our house and start swinging at her just so she could have you.”

“I didn’t--” Angel began.

“I wasn’t stalking you,” Buffy yelled, “I was trying to figure out what was wrong with you. They said a huge evil was coming around Faith. One she wouldn’t be able to resist, and then I saw her with my new powers. Then I saw you—human! I saw you both down with those people buying strange things. It could have been magic. I thought you got sucked into Faith’s evil thing is too. How was I to know? It’s not like you’ve been sending facebook updates about you being human and all.”

Or that he was with Faith.

“Yes, we must have looked very nefarious down at the markets chatting and buying vegetables and ‘those people’ have lived here longer ten times longer than your Wanna-be-Mr. Sparkles has been alive. You’re the reason people hate Yank tourists! Maybe the nasty thing she couldn’t resist coming around her was you, and I didn’t get so much sucked into you as I got sucked b—“

Angel hit Spike once but Faith made him stop, and Spike just smiled that smug smile.

“Just tell Buffy everything. Now,” Angel demanded.

“I think B’s updates are three years late is all. But one thing at a time. It was me who got the Ephori spell but not at the market, through eBay,” Faith said.

“What?” Angel said.

So, Angel hadn’t thought Faith had anything to do with it either.

“It was an accident. I was going to make the blood pudding for Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be cool. Many layers of irony and all. I wanted to just add another layer and put some cheesy aphrodisiac in it.”

“So, you got Ephori figs? Faith, they would use one snip of in ancient Greece to fuck for weeks, and people would die.”

“If they were human,” Spike said.

“Faith is human and now so are you! You would have killed yourselves for sure if I didn’t come. I mean if I didn’t show up here and- And it isn’t ironic to add an aphrodisiac to a meal on Valentine’s Day. It’s the opposite of ironic,” Angel said.

He folded his arms over his now wrinkled royal blue button-down shirt. Buffy didn’t think he looked that mad. He was more like, perturbed, as if Faith had got a dent in his car. Angel just had sex with Faith, sex with Buffy…and Spike and it was nothing more than a dent to him. Buffy didn’t feel angry anymore, she felt awful.

“Well, you know I’m a high school drop out,” Faith said smiling,” Sorry, dad, but at least we worked out are bad blood. I do love you, Ang—“

Buffy didn’t want to hear anymore. She took of flying, literally she realized she started to fly, but she still wanted to run from here, not just float away.

“B, wait!” Faith did come running after her and flew in front of her.

“No! Get out of my way!” Buffy said, “I don’t know how you got my powers and I don’t care! I don’t care what you did to make Spike your human puppy-dog or that you have Angel wrapped around your finger in some sick sick way. You can have them! But you will not have me, Faith! Maybe all of you can just fuck and almost kill each other like it’s nothing, but I won’t. I can’t.”

“It meant something to us too, B,” Faith said, “We all love ea—“

“No, you don’t get to use that word in some trashy sick way. Throw it around like its nothing! Why couldn’t you just have stayed an evil little bitch? You have totally ripped open every wound in my life, and to you it’s nothing!”

Buffy started to try to run again while she flew higher than Faith. She kicked Faith in the stomach. The other super-hero Slayer fell on her ass in her tacky house of orgies. Good.

“Ow! Oew,” Faith grumbled.

“You okay, love,” Spike said rushing to her on the floor.

Buffy saw his eyes widen as he saw Faith was holding her stomach. Angel came out looking at Faith. He gave Buffy a long look that was unreadable to her. He hadn’t told her not to go. Angel hadn’t tried to stop Buffy. Now Buffy was too distracted to fly.

“Yeah, she just got me with those pointy shoes. Aren’t those out of style yet? B’s wearing them so I guess so,” Faith said sucking in her breath.

“Since when do you know about shoes? Let me guess, the same time you started cooking sex spells on Valentine’s Day,” Buffy said; she felt her voice coat with anger.

“Has the manipulation and pretending to be sensitive and soft to mess with Spike left you weak, love?” Buffy drawled the last word with an English accent, “I know you can take one kick, Faith. Your boyfriend clearly doesn’t know you like I do. How long will you keep it up until you get bored?”

Buffy was so pissed she could almost spit at Faith who lye on the floor with big innocent looking brown eyes. Bullshit! Any minute she’d give an evil grin.

“It’s been for three years. Almost four. And you’re right I don’t know her like you do at all,” Spike said.

Buffy almost forgot Spike was there. She was so focused on Faith’s face that now crumpled in surprised pain as she sucked in her breath.

“What’s wrong with her?” Angel asked as he stuck to the shadows further back in the hall.

“She’s threatened by my wife. So threatened she has to hang on to their adolescent past,” Spike said, “She can’t handle not being on top. She has issues with s—“

“Not Buffy!” Angel said, “Faith, you idiot.”

“Wife?” Buffy said numbly.

“I’m all right. Blows your mind, huh B? Don’t worry I haven’t changed that much. There was quite a body count at the wedding,” Faith said as she got up, “And as far as shoes—“

Faith then doubled over in pain and yelped. Spike was kneeling in the hallway by Faith’s side. They were between the bedroom and the great room as the light came in through their big windows showing a cloudy sky and green lush mountains in the distance. Faith was just breathing in and out with hard calculated breaths.

“Oh, god! She got inside the wound, didn’t she?” Spike said.

He went to lift up Faith’s dress and his hands shook so much he couldn’t. Faith grabbed both his hands. She sucked in her screams.

“Faith are you—“ Buffy slowly walked towards her “It was an accident. It couldn’t have been me. Is it still the spell?“

No one answered Buffy. Faith just howled in pain.

“Faith,” Angel said, “I’m going to move you to the bed and look at your stomach, okay?”

Faith nodded. Angel picked her up so gently somehow she was able to keep hold of both of Spike’s hands.

“It’s stopped for now,” Faith said. She was sweating, “But, I don’t think I’ll be cooking breakfast for everyone anytime soon. So, you guys should clear out. Spike, what if—what if ---”

“Don’t worry, love. She’s dead. We killed her,” Spike said.

They killed someone? A girl? There was a body count at the wedding? They were really married? Faith’s eyes were wide with fear but then she smiled. It was her evil smile.

“You can’t kill her,” Faith said laughed bitterly, “The bitch is death.”

“Faith—“ Buffy began.

But, then Angel rolled up Faith’s dress and Buffy saw her wound. There was a small incision wound across some of Faith’s scars and wave tattoo. Buffy saw the wound was equal to the pointyness of Buffy’s shoe.

“I don’t understand,” Angel said, “It’s just a small stab. It looks like it’s already healing. Why is she—Faith don’t--”

Angel caressed Faith’s forehead as she began to breath and yelp in pain.

“It’s not the size of the wound, lack brain. It’s where it is. It’s healing on the outside, but you have no idea how much scar tissue is there,” Spike said, “You have no sodding clue about anything.”

“I know a lot more than you think,” Angel said sharply, “And-and I’m sorry. If there was anything I could have done to help two years ago…”

Two years ago? Spike said something about almost four years? Surely Buffy had seen Faith and Spike in the last four years. She had checked on Faith countless times to make sure she was in line. But, she hadn’t really seen Faith since all the Slayers had battled Twilight, who turned out to be Angel. She has seen Spike had right after. That wasn’t that long ago? Was it?

“I know what it’s like,” Angel said.

“You know nothing—nothing about what it’s like!” Spike roared.

“You were checking up on me, Ang?” Faith said weakly but smiled “After I was such a—“

Faith was cut herself off screaming in pain.

Buffy then saw the scar tissue began to move. It rolled all the way across and up Faith’s stomach and glowed from the inside and puffed out her whole stomach so she looked pregnant. Faith was still screaming.

“Oh god, Faith. It was an accident. I—I didn’t mean to hurt her. I didn’t even mean to kick her really. I was just trying to run away. I was trying to run and I started to fly. Will she be okay?” Buffy asked.

“I ruined it all!” Faith cried, “I was so selfish! I killed her, Spike. I—I could feel her dying inside of me. I fuckin’ killed her!”

Buffy had never seen her cry before. It was awful.

“No, love. No, it’s not your fault. None of it was your fault,” Spike said, “I can take some of the pain. All of it. Let me go get—“

“No! You can’t go. I don’t want you to take anymore of my pain,” she sobbed.

Spike cried too.

“It was an accident. Faith—Faith please be okay. Is she—She can’t die. I won’t let her. What can I do to make it okay?” Buffy demanded.

Whatever it was Buffy would do it. How did she let it get this far?


Stay tuned for more questions answered and actual slashy and dirtier stuff. Fuffy, Spuffy, Spangle, Spaith!

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