forbloodysummer (forbloodysummer) wrote in thebronze_,

Still Falling episodes 3 & 4 are here!

Authors: Monotone & Out For Bloody Summer
Fandom: Angel
Series: Angel: Still Falling
Period: Season 6
Length: A little over 10,000 words each
Category: A continuation of the show, so drama/action/comedy.
Rating/Warnings: If you're old enough to handle the adult plot and themes, grow up and get over the unparliamentary language. There isn't any, but that isn't the point.
POV: Changes
Pairings: N/A

Go on, give it a peruse, let us know what you think.

Episode 3 begins here.

And episode 4 here.

Oh, and new episodes sometimes get plugged across the communities like this, hence two episodes at once here. Track/follow/sign up to our Livejournal to keep up with them as they're posted.
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