April 4th, 2008


A Double Heart for my Single One

Title: A Double Heart for my Single One

Summary: Alt season 3. Angel comes back considerably more traumatized than in cannon. Angry that Angel is back and feeling Buffy is to blame Spike picks up on the mind games where Angelus left off. Can a young Buffy deal with so much pain, or will she eventually take the out that is offered to her?

Pairing: Buffy/Angel. Some Oz/Willow and Spike/Drusilla. I’m going to pretend Xander and Cordilia never happened.

Rating: T-PG-13. I think

: : :The chapters are somewhat short but I already have several written and they get longer as I go.  Any and all comments and critiques are welcome.: : : 

Buffy’s heart had broken so many times over the past few months; to loose him, and her mother, her home, her innocence, everything. Then she gained it back, somehow, but she wasn’t quite the same, and she wondered if she’d ever heal from that initial deep and devastating blow.

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