February 28th, 2008

So maybe I’m a masochist...

In The End- Buffy fanfic

Title: In The End
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Buffy and a mystery man
Spoilers: General spoilers for the series, I suppose, and maybe the season 8 comic.
Disclaimer: I'll never be as cool as Teh Joss, so there's no way in in Sunnyhell these characters will ever belong to me.
Summary: Buffy finally finds the meaning of true happiness.
Note: This is my first real Buffy/Angel-verse fic, so please cut me some slack. This bunny came to me suddenly and wouldn't leave until I put it down. The title and really the premise of this story is based upon the question that went through many fans' minds during the course of the series- Who would Buffy end up with? And though Buffy professed love for one person in the finale, after showing love for another, that answer was never clearly answered, and, in fact, seemed to even be in question in at least one episode of Angel's final season. This fic is just one possible answer to that question, and that answer just might surprise you.
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(It had been a long, arduous journey, but she'd made it. They had made it. )