Leaves (Kurt Halsey)

A Long Awaited Return

So I'm back with NaNoWrimo on my tail. We'll see if I can actually accomplish anything.

I'll probably be updating every few days, or at least once a week. I really hope I can do this. Maybe this will be the kick-start this journal needs.


Well, it is now half way through the month and guess what. I have a little over 800 words. Oh well. Nano just wasn't for me this year, but perhaps what I do have will turn into something. We'll see.
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Leaves (Kurt Halsey)

First Fiction....

This is probably one of the works I take most pride in, I feel it is one of my greatest creations.

A short story based off of this Titian painting, Cupid and the Wheel of Fortune.

Now for the story, please read this and critique me. I could really use the help.


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Leaves (Kurt Halsey)

Not The Poetry Type - But I'm Going Out On A Limb

This is undeniably the low point of my recent writing, but it is the only piece completed since I departed from writing camp over a month. I find myself pondering whether or not I'm really meant to be a writer, then I remember these are the type of questions that could potentially make me go insane. Here we go...

The Purpose of Skin

I can see your skin
Like the purposeful noises from the room up top
I'm watching you they tell me
Through dry wall and privacy
But that's the purpose of skin
To hide the malice lining our guts
Despair for our own confusion
'Cause we try so hard to understand others
To prove that it is okay when we confound ourselves
And this is the purpose of skin
If I knew how you felt
I'd rip you to pieces because I love you
And I need to justify those secrets in the bathroom
With the raw feeling of cleansing inside of me
I speak to myself because it's how I wanna appear
With images of people better than me
And the fact of the matter that it all might be
Therapy in the end
But that's the purpose of skin
So you don't know the meaning behind these words
If you find them stuffed down my baby's throat
Not unlike your intermingled references to rape
And the way I would kill him if I could
But I'm still human
I'm still your baby boy
Though I'm tryin' so hard not to be a man
So hold the door open for yourself
While you watch my back
And consider how opaque
My skin really is

Ehhh, no punctuation, the message is bland and over-directed, but what can I say, poetry isn't my thing. When I have the energy, I'll start posting fiction, not that anyone will read this anyways.

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Leaves (Kurt Halsey)

First Post...

Meh, here is my first entry in my new writing journal. I still haven't decided whether or not will be a productive venture, but we can only hope.

I've invited you (my friends and such), because I'm a selfish, attention-loving bitch, and I'd really like you to critique my work. I think I'll start posting some of my recent work tomorrow. It is late and I need to sleep.

Here's to my future success!


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