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Enter the land of dreams

The Chronicles of Narnia Rating Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to The Wardobe, the Narnia Rating Community. Here, members may post pictures of themselves and answer extensive survey questionnaires to find out what character from C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia they most identify with. This means you will get voted based on how you answer the questions, what your personality is like, and who you most look like from the books. Many parts of the community are still under construction, so please bear with us.

We are in the process of starting this community and stamps are being made, so not all characters may have stamps yet. That does not mean that we aren't going to make one for your possible favorite character, it just means we're taking our good time finding the best possible person/animation to use.

All of the coding the application needs is already there; the lj-cut, the bolding of the questions, and the image coding. Please pay attention to the last part of most of the questions, and assume that any question that doesn't have it, is always followed by one word -- Why? One or two sentences does not qualify as an answer. It does not give the voters enough insight as to who you are. Longer, more detailed answers make it easier for the voters to get a good idea of who you are, and therefore, give you a better stamp. If your application is too short, you will be asked to resubmit it.

The lj-cut is already in there, all you need to do is put whatever text you would like it to say, such as "At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more", whatever you like. There are three links for images in there already, but if you would like to post more than three images, simply copy and paste the link already there for as many pictures as you have, and then plug in your links. You will need to upload your images to a hosting site prior to doing so, such as Photobucket or ImageShack.

1. No BS. Be polite -- this includes using profanity and coarse language in a rude manner or in a harmful way towards any of the members.

2. All apps must be under an lj cut. It is already in the application, but in case you have more trouble, it is done like so: <*lj-cut text="title or whatever"*>

The application goes here.
The bit below closes the cut

<*/lj-cut*> Remove the *s.

3. No stealing graphics or stamps without being stamped or joining the community.

4. You must join to post, but you do NOT have to be stamped to vote on other members.

5. Respect the moderators and their decisions as final. We WILL ban your ass, for lack of a better phrase. Trust us, we have banned member tags...

6. Promotion. Once you are stamped, you should promote the community. Not so much that you're spamming up places, but let your friends know, promote it in communities you're a part of if that community allows promotions.

7. Also, once you have been stamped, personal stamps and tags with your personal graphics can be requested from the mods. Both mods, redrogue and eyes_of_nymphus are happy to recieve requests. [For personal tag request forms, post a comment on their journals.]

8. Activity. You need to try to vote on at least five applications that week [if there are that many in a week]. We're not going to go after you with an axe if we see you aren't doing exactly five, but as many as you can.

9. You must be 13 or over to join, because those are the rules we just made up because LJ says so.

10. When voting on an application, bold your vote, like so-- <*b*>King Caspian<*/b*>, remove the *s. This way the mod can scroll through the comments and pick out the votes easily apart from the other text when stamping time rolls around. That being said, please DO NOT bold any other text in your comments on the applications EXCEPT FOR the vote, this is tiring for the mod to have to sort through, especially in the case of having a lot of comments. Also, do not strike up personal conversations in the comments of the applications. Move it over to your personal journals, instant messenger, what-have-you. A few comments discussing your character vote and why you decided to vote that character are encouraged, but please keep it to that. You're welcome to discuss other Narnia related things in other posts you make in the community that have to do with Narnia.

11. Feel free to post in the community after you're stamped, promotion for other communities, things to do with Narnia such as pictures, fanfictions, poems, questions you have about the books you wish to discuss, as well as information on other fantasy movies you think the other members would be interested in. When making these posts, however, just put "Stamped" in your subject title.

12. There is no set amount of time from the time you submit your application to the time you are stamped. Ideally, we want to get every member stamped within three to five days of their submitting their application, but we do not stamp people unless they have a decent amount of votes, as it doesn't seem fair to stamp them when they only have three to seven votes. As soon as you have a good amount of votes, you will be stamped as promptly as possible. Which brings us back to encouraging you to PROMOTE! The more people promote, the more members we get, the more votes new members get!

13. Do NOT hotlink the stamps or any of The Wardrobe's other graphics.

14. In the subject title for your application, put "Once a king or queen in Narnia, always a king or queen" so that we know you've read the rules.

15. Any other questions, please e-mail one of the mods, wild_and_caged or eyes_of_nymphus.

Once you become a member, don't disappear into Narnia. We like to hear about what you're doing, what you're up to and if people noticed your nice new stamp that you nicely put in your user info page... :)

Once you've been stamped and you're voting on other members, feel free to put a small signature at the bottom of your post saying who you were stamped as and who stamped you. This is not mandatory, but it just helps people remember who is who.

Promotion of other communities is accepted, but no more than one time for each community. We don't appreciate spammed up boards.

By the Lion's mane, enjoy yourself!

This list is still under construction. If you have a question about a character you would like to vote who is not on the list, please e-mail one of the mods.

Main Character stamps:
Susan The gentle
Susan, Queen in Narnia
Susan, Grown and Cynical
Lucy, The Valiant
Lucy, Queen in Narnia
Jadis, The Dark Queen
Jadis, The White Queen
Aravis, The Proud Princess
Caspian, The Narnian Lord of The Sea
Capsian, The Boy Prince
Digory, Mischievious and Curious
Polly, Demanding and Proper
Eustace, Dragon Hearted and Tricky
Puddle Glum, Pessimistic and Kind Hearted
The Marshwiggle, Pessimistic and Kind Hearted
Reepicheep, Most Loyal Servent of Aslan
Peter, Brave and Noble of Heart
Edmund, Just and Good
Shasta, Humble and True
Rilian, Princely and Enchanted

Other Character stamps:
Mr. Tumnus
Dwarf, Servent of the Queen
Maugrim, The Wolf Captain
Daughter of the Star, Regal and Mysterious
Daughter of the Srar, (a shorter banner version)
Prof. Kirke, Peculiar and Scholarly

Double Character stamps:
Jill & Eustace
Eustace & The White Witch
Aravis & The White Witch
Lucy & Mr. Tumnus

~Stamp List can be found here:

Susan the Gentle

Polly Plummer

Jill Pole

Susan the Gentle

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Edmund the Just

Jill Pole

Susan the Gentle

Jill Pole

Daughter of the Star

Mr. Tumnus the Faun

High King Peter the Magnificent

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Professor Kirke

King Caspian the Seafarer

Polly Plummer

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Jill Pole/Polly Plummer

Princess Aravis

Jill Pole

Jill Pole

Mr. Tumnus the Faun

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Susan the Gentle

Queen Susan the Gentle

Shasta/Prince Cor

Caspian the Boy Prince

Polly Plummer

High King Peter the Magnificent

Jill Pole

Princess Aravis/Jadis the White Witch

Professor Kirke

King Edmund the Just

Eustace Scrubb


Polly Plummer

Princess Aravis

King Edmund the Just

Stamped as Susan the Gentle, application lost

Professor Kirke

Queen Lucy the Valiant

Edmund the Just

Princess Aravis

Princess Aravis

Eustace Scrubb

King Edmund the Just

High King Peter the Magnificent

Queen Susan the Gentle

Caspian the Boy Prince

10th Kingdom Stamping

If you would like to be an affiliate, please e-mail one of the mods. Other rating communities only, or communities pertaining to The Chronicles of Narnia.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com