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not updated in ages!
thought i'd fill everyone in about the latest news from conor in case you haven't seen it....

We had our last rehearsal at the weekend. It was a bit emotional considering we've been working on this record for quite a while. We start recording next week in Vancouver. Originally it was going to be Dublin but we couldn't get the studio we wanted for the dates we wanted.

We're all looking forward to working with Tony Hoffer again. There's almost twenty songs to fight over. It's a large figure for us. In the past we only ever had thirteen or fourteen songs to go into the studio with. Infact the dreaded "double album" was even mentioned for a fleeting moment (and thankfully dismissed just as quickly).

Kevin is reading A Room With A View. Daniel just got a new puppy which everyone is jealous of. His name is Bruce and he is a beautiful dachshund. I'm reading The Great Gatsby. I also went to see Time To Leave. A french film about a photographer who has three months to live. It's actually very good. Padraic is in San Francisco with his girlfriend. Benny bought a lovely house, he's currently working on getting the desk from studio one Abbey Road, into the studio in the back garden.

We have a title for the record already in mind. (In the past we always found ourselves srambling like headless chickens for a title that would somehow sum up the mood of the album with deadlines nipping at our heels.) This meant we could meet the art department in London to start brainstorming early over artwork and the record sleeve. We've always beeen heavily involved in this. Sometimes even to our detriment. I still get death threats over the last album cover.

It feels like we haven't toured forever. Which might explain why we've been to so many gigs of late. The following were the great ones. Morrissey in Dublin at the Olympia. Belle and Sebastian in LA at the Wiltern. Republic Of Loose at Eamon Doran's in Dublin. Field Music in London (supporting Stereolab). The Strokes in Anaheim. And The Divine Comedy last night at Vicar Street.

I'll post more blogs and Padraic will post more pictures from Vancouver and the studio, as soon as the record starts to take shape. Bye!


PS We have changed homepage to a holding page for the moment. Enjoy!

anyone else a bit gutted padraic has a girlfriend? haha...erm, yes XD

pleasing news; i can't wait for the album. impressed they went to see belle and sebastian/the strokes. wonderful :-]
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im Samantha, but u can call me Sam.
im 14 and im form Melbourne Australia, and i love the thrills, they're so talented!
anyway hope to hear from u guys soon,
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(no subject)

hey, i'm new here but not to the thrills.

my computer crapped out, and i've lost some songs.

does anyone have "don't steal our sun" and "not for all the love in the world"?

if you do, could you please send it to me at ?

i'd be eternally grateful.

thanks in advance!
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What I love about these guys, and the first album, is that the album is a midnight album. I love listening to it after midnight.

Don't know why. Just do.
Jensen; over shoulder

New Member.

Name is Rachel, I'm 14 and I live in Seattle. I saw The Thrills open for M5 and I LOVE THEM. They've become one of my three favorite bands (riding up with M5 and Coldplay!) and I think they're just the greatest things ever. Hot Irish rockers. Yay!

And is anyone with me when I say that Conor Deasy looks a bit like Matt Dillon? Just a speculation.

Er. That's all. :3
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