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we own the official french website about underoath.
The band is coming in France in October the 30th and we have the chance to have the possibility to interview them. We have some ideas for the questions we will ask, but we need some others.
So if you had some questions to ask them, what would they be?

Thank you!

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows the set list for the tour that Underoath, Silverstein, Moneen and He Is Legend are playing. If anyone could help with that, it'd be greatly appreciated. I've got tickets for the 19th at the Civic Centre. Anyone gonne be there?
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Warped Tour anyone? Get presale tickets!

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Hello everyone. I'm new here so I thought I'd get on everyones good side by posting a picture I took of Underoath at Saratoga Winners. They are an amazing band and I love them. A lot.

I <3 Spencer. And I'm straight.

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A plea for help

Hey all.
Sorry to spam-ish and such, but...
I'm a 16 year old boy from Portland, Oregon who is REALLY REALLY REALLY looking for people who want to start a Progressive/Emo/Concept-like band. I, personally, am a guitarist of more than two years experience, and I do a lot of all around song writing. I write lyrics and music, and I write them a lot. And this is something I want to do badly. Influences are along the lines of Coheed And Cambria, Brazil, The 3, From First To Last, Early November, Underoath, and nearly every other Post-Hardcore/Emo-esque band out there.
So, if anybody knows anybody in the metro Portland, Oregon area that might have any interest in playing, PLEASE contact me with some info at .
underoath cross

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Hey dudes, I'm new here just wanna say this community by far is one of the best i've looked at so far
Oh yeah can't wait for underoath to come down here in fla on may 12
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hey, im new here in this community.

this is probley the best underoath community i'v seen soo far.

anyway. im from new jersey and i was wondering whos going to jersey in april to see underoath at day 3 of bamboozle(skate n surf newname) with the chariot and fear before the march of flames?
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first. im shay im seventeen years old, and i live in hickville, florida.
i love underoath, they have such amazing talents. iv seen them only a few times tho. warped tourlast year, i have a few pictures..i'll post, and like 2 or 3 times a few years ago. i absolutely love them live. i was wanting to go to the TOC to see them, but i didnt have a ride.. so it was a bummer.
i wanna marry a love so pure, short of daybreak, and alone in december. and as you can probably tell 'the changing of times' and 'act of depression' are my fav CDs by them.
all of their music totally kicks my ass, and itd be the greatest day in the world to meet them and to be able to play with them.. heh thats a dream of mine.
well thats about it.. later loves.
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