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I'm Still Alive

Hello All
1st I'm still comptur less sadly to say! *sniff* It sucks majorly
2nd Shagging Like Bunnies is down as of right now, Well you can still nomaite people, Right now Des and myself are really busy... such as my poppet as School, and I'm getting back into school.. and trying to get a job and trying to have my parents get me a comptur... So..ya but as sooon as i get my comptur and when i have time are Shagging Like Bunnes well be back up kicking MAJOR ASS, Its going to be bigger and better than ever more Cato because I thought of some news ones that I forgot....
3rd.. Shagging Like Bunnies is always looking for help like people to help us with awards or buttons, And people to help Des and myself when we hardcorely busy... So if anyone wants to help.
4th I got a e-mail from someone asking me did i steal cato from a new award site, And the answer is NO! all my Cato. are Oringal from Des Celestria and Paganbaby naugty mind! so that got me a little upset, But I clam down... So ya remember I cant write either since no comptur
Hmmmm I think that's about it.....

Okay TTFN Luv ya ALL Hugs and Kisses
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And The Winners are.....

Finally after countless e-mails and gathing the votes! i'm finally done,  I'm must say i'm very proud of this Smut Award site Destiny and I came up with everyone seem to like it too, so that's freaking awesome.

Just because you didnt win, Don't feel bad! Everyone stories where amazing,  Anyways back to the Winners....

Side Note. Awards that only have one winner is because there was only 2 stories, there need to be at lest 3 or 4 to each one.

Shagging Like Bunnies Winners Collapse )

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Congratulations To All

Congratulations To Everyone who has been Nominated At The Shagging Like Bunnies Awards! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Sluggie! sluggie_
Pagan Baby pagan_baby
Nauti Bitz nautibitz
Pepper pepperlandgirl4
Zarrah zarrah04
Vamptastica vamptastica
Sea Blue seablue
Sweetie sweetiejen
Lucky Charms luckycharm_13
Mrs. Muirwhenbuffysmiles
Sadbhyl sadbhyl
Cin dianagodessa
Fauvistfly fauvistfly
Darla Winifred darlawinifred
Kantayra kantayra
Nicky kinkynicky
Facing The Sun facingthesun
Echidnas echidnas_pen
Darcy Daliet darcydaliet
October Fly october_fay

Cheers Luv ya!

~~~~~~~ Kinky Little Vixen Celestria

* Shagging Like Bunnies First Post *

Welcome! Everyone

Join 'The Shagging Like Bunnies Awards' site LiveJoural! Here, we will have site updates, among other things. We will announce any new award categories, new nominees or the winners. Pretty much anything about the awards site will be announced here!

For those of you who don't know, The Shagging Like Bunnies Awards are a Spuffy smut only awards site. That's right! Only R - NC-17- XXX rated tales make the cut!

We will take nominations from only AU fics *All human cast no vamps or slayers* right now. As long as it's Spuffy smut, it's okay by us!

Buffyverse nominations will be taken Starting round 2

~~~~~~ Kinky Little Vixen Celestria