October 2nd, 2005


Varistav Olikari

Blood runs free.

I see the ribbons
in the tub
the scarlet tracers
as you scrub

The razor falling
into the drain
as you wash away
the pain

Your eyes flicker
and fall closed
too weak at last
to bear the load

I lift you from
the blood-drenched water
bind your wrists
and stay the cutting

I try to make you breathe
in vain
I hold you in my arms
and cry away the pain.

Gray Lazarus.

is a state of mind
a way to slow
the endless grind

Of life eternal
droll and gray
a way to make
the keeper pay

Just as death
is sweet release
the bonds of life
will keep you leashed.

Don't put it out.

I feel the fire
across my face
the wood is burning
in the breeze

The wind is high
the fire will spread
soon the village
will be dead

I cry no tears
I shed no blood
it's their own fault
they didn't go

I burn and break
and char and leave
the ruined corpses
behind me.

Sadratul Mont'har(the tree beyond which there is no passing).

I see it now
the endless tree
its ebon leaves
are calling me

But my steps
are staid
my path
is ended

Soon I'll fade
I can't defend it
I am here
the tree is there

Across a stretch
of empty air
I reach out
for one last touch

Then I fade
and drop away
into fane
and darkling wraiths.