September 21st, 2005



PETA Piper Picked A Peck Of Pesky Peabrains

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is a cult that was founded by Ingrid Newkirk, who is still their cult leader. There are about 750,000 members of PETA worldwide.

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Name:Micah E. Martin.
Location:The dark and terrifying vistas of my own world.
Why are you joining this community?:Because I can.
Where did you hear about us?:Allison.
Body Modifications:None, the scars are pretty much gone now.
Marital Status:Unmarried.

Random questions

Have you ever thought about jacking off a sea monster?:No, no I have not.
How far have you gone with a girl/boy?:Nowhere.
What's something you really regret?:Ever bringing up waffles in the first place.
What is the most important thing in your life?:Allison.
Do you have any pet peeves?:Yes, environmentalists and politicians.
Do you like that the_scary_kids doesn’t ask you about Bush, or Abortions, or your favourite bands?:Yes, yes I do.
Have you ever cut yourself?:Yes.
Are you a masochist?:No.
Are you a sadomasochist?:No.
Do you like to spend money like there’s an endless supply in your asshole?:No.
You do know that making out with girls/boys when you’re drunk doesn’t make you bisexual, right?:Ummm, I've never ingested alcohol, and that's part of the reason.
Do you think we’re homos?:No.
…You should:Okay, but I don't.
Are you loud?:Occaisonally.
Do you have braces?:No.

Promote this community either in your personal journal, or in a community and tell us where (Not Optional):Okay, how about at the New Hampshire Technical Institute?
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Sarete sempre il mio caro.

I cry blood
as I lie
in the dark
of the night

I am gone
as I fade
in your voice
in the glade

You will
always be there
in the shadows
'neath the stair

As I wander
you are lost
I can't find you
take my hand

Guide me to you
help me find you
I can't see
without you

I am broken
as I stand
in this cold
and callous land

Without you.
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Poems I couldn't post anywhere else, because then no one at all would read them

Imaldorice.(The dying light).

I am sick
and I am dying
sands are falling
skies are crying

Rot is creeping
through my heart
and my body falls apart
before I could even start

A life with you
a breath of wind
a single second
without pain

A time when
nothing burned
and all was rain
and you.

So Soon.

The path diverges
our hands part
roads are tearing
us apart

We are walking
not together
though we pledged
we'd be forever

I can't see you
through the trees
a barrier
between you and me

I am wandering
on the path
hoping it
will take me back
to you.

Adarkar's Opus.

Scream, within the nightheld dawn
ringing as the sun awakes
trees are bowing to my might
behold the darkling forest breaks

I can feel the power here
deep within my farthest self
past the skins of hope and fear
far beyond the charted realm

But a shell, my body is
a simple garment
for my soul
I am wandering in it now

Until death
does take me home.

Igoliad(Dark Place).

Green light falls
between the walls
as the moss
does creep and crawl

The darkness writhes
and things are born
from the shadows
without morn

I can feel
the living here
the walls have eyes
the eyes have fear

In this grim
and darkened land
we are hiding
hand in hand.


The iron taste
of blood and death
dagger held
along with breath

As I walk
behind you now
hoping that
you will not know

I am tasked
to take your life
though you are
my beloved wife.


I am old
and you are young
from my roots
your leaves have sprung

My bark is gnarled
and yours is smooth
my leaves are grey
and yours are new

I am dying
you are born
from my death
your life is torn

Please uphold
my memory
if you cannot
remember me.
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