September 20th, 2005

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Hello kiddies!
Today I have a lesson for you,
(you can blame Stephen King for this one)
I am currently reading the Stephen King book THINNER.
To make a long story short,
This story is about a fat guy who runs over a Gypsy,
And the Gypsy's father or brother or whoever the hell he is puts a 'curse' on the guy.
This curse conists of one word,
"Thinner" (hence the name of the book)
And the guy who was cursed drops about 100 pounds in a week and keeps losing weight.
Soon he will waste away to nothing! (I have to finish the book)
Annnnnnnnnyway, back on subject,
I realized, as Stephen King so graphicly explains,
That is wasn't the guy's fault he hit the gypsy lady.
It was his WIFE's fault.
She randomly tried to give him a hand job in the car,
Which threw him off, (because apparently their sex life was dying)
So he devoted 85% of his attention on his wife rather than the road,
So going at 40 miles an hour he ran over a gypsy lady.
And Killed her.
And got off the legal crap cause his friend is a judge,
And now he is losing weight and deteriating.....
All because his wife couldn't wait to get to the house before giving a hand job.
And the house was only 3 MILES away.

So the lesson of this:

Please refrain from performing sexual actions to/with the person driving a moving vehical.
Or suffer running over a gypsy and being cursed.
Ahh, all lifes lessons,maybe found in Steohen King's books....(or Harry Potter)
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Do you ever wonder why the guy in James Bond never buys the fast-moving laser?

Ok, you know how in every one of the bloody James Bond movies, the bad guy has him completely at his mercy for at least an hour.
During this period, the villain will always, always give him the obligatory monologue about his plans for world domination and then strap him to some board with a laser or a circular saw coming at him, and then leave.
Now I can get my head around wanting to brag about how brilliant your scheme is, I do it all the time. But when you've got the hero tied to a table, kill him.
I'll tell you what I'd do, I'd shoot the bastard myself.
I would walk over to James Bond, I would turn the safety off, and I would shoot him.
And then I would rule the world.
Seriously, all they'd have to do is pull a stupid trigger and their job would be over.
But noooooo, they've got to lower him slowly into the crocodile pit, or strap him to a missile that'll be launched in ten minutes, giving the hero plenty of time to escape.
You know, I think villains these days are too soft, it's just sickening to me.
The Emperor didn't wait for Samuel L. Jackson to recover before he blew his brains out with lightning, did he? No, he just electrocuted his ass and got it over with.
This is what villains should be like.
And Invader Zim should be put back on the air.

Now for my Sage Advice:
Do not close your eyes to evil, for in ignorance does it breed.

And now, because I'm feeling kind of washed up and defeated,
Hi Allison, I love you, see you on thursday!

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Good vs Evil

I'm sitting here in a dark room, I'm feeling a bit cold at present.
But now let me essay for you the age-old conflict between good and evil.
Good is a state of perception, it is an objective viewpoint concerning what one individual considers to be right and just.
It is often misinterpreted as a rigid moral code that will bind all humans to the same set of ideals, but in reality, good, like life, is what you make of it.
I will give you my personal take on what "good" is:
Good is outlined in my mind by consistent adherence to the following principles:
Honor, mercy, empathy, objectivity, generosity, loyalty, justice, love, and understanding.
Where will this get you? Into a solid life and a respected reputation as a fair and dependable person, but never anything more than that.
Evil is again a matter of perspective, but one more clearly defined by culture than good tends to be.
It is dictated by the following terms in my mind:
Power madness, callousness, viciousness, disregard for life, gratuitous violence, hatred, intolerance, deceit, and cruelty.
Where will that get you? Either the gutter, or the top of the food chain as a ruler of the world. But you will have many enemies, and your rule will not last.
Both good and evil depend on other people to certain extents, evil people for extortion and manipulation, and the good for something on which to focus their problem-solving and counseling abilities.
But that's not to say that anyone is actually all of one category, or that going too far in observance of the guidelines will not be harmful.
Because it will, look at feudal Japan where the loss of hair meant the loss of honor.
Things can get very out of hand when things are taken too far.
Yeah, you guessed it, here comes the sage advice, damn I'm predictable:
"Live neither in the blazing sun, nor the chill darkness, but dwell in the cool shadow beneath the tree, and simply exist."

And as for my personal emphasis on these qualities:
Honor, Loyalty, generosity, understanding, love.
My greatest faults:
Impatience, arrogance, withdrawal from life.

Idorikami Wakarimastu(do you understand my soul?)

My soul is black
my soul is white
my soul is dark
my soul is light

my heart is warm
my heart is cold
my eyes are open
my eyes are closed

my mouth is shut
my heart is cold
my sight is fading
my soul grows old

I stand in shadow
bathed in light
my eyes adjust
to brilliant night

I cry and smile
as I stand here
wishing now
that you were near

my anchor
in the whirling gray
my only love
my shining day

the touch of night
within your eyes
and all is running
with the red sunrise

but I won't leave
I wait for you
amidst the gray
'twixt night and day

I'll always stay
and wait
for you.

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