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Nine and seven make twenty one

Black and White.

My soul is black and white
hidden by the tides of love and night
my eyes see what you see
you walk side-by-side with only me

we are safe in here
hidden from the world and locked away
where the dying plays
in my garden here behind the veil

my soul is black and white
fading out to gray in sheets of night
I am waiting here
for the end to come and take my fear

my soul is almost gone
as I lie beside you on the lawn
we both lie intwined
in the swift embrace of night enshrined

I can see through you
the blades of grass and ferns collecting dew
I can lose my soul
for as long as you live
I am whole.

Gorgon Fist.

Rot of stone and death
crumble and break down before my breath
I wield endless power
yet I hold your beauty like a flower

my eyes burn away
the veils of unreason worn today
I am everything
I weep for you only when you sing

I will break your heart
twisting with my fingers
tear apart
you are dying now

for you have betrayed me in this hour
I have ruined you
you lie twisted and febrile in the blood
yet I'm dying too

I can't live without your tender love
not with all my strength
can I bring you back from what I've done
not with all my tears

can I retract the wrong
of a setting sun.






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