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For once, I don't know what to say


I can't see you
I've been blinded
I don't know you
come and find it

If I was wrong now
would you tell me
if I could see you
would you yell at me

are you lying
while we talk
are you dying
as we walk

I can't see
without your eyes
let me in
it's alright to cry.

Your wedding, My funeral.

The rain is falling
through your veil
as the mourners
all stand pale

washed by water
bathed in death
all are breathing
my last breath

today is black
it was supposed to be white
but that got swallowed
by death's sweet bite

I wasn't sure if I was welcome here

but in the ground I have no fear
so let me go and rot in here
I can't here you anymore

your bridal gown
is drenched in rot
I would stop it
but I cannot

Don't be sad
try not to cry
all of us
will one day die

on this day
of our last kiss
don't slip away
though it feels like bliss

I am dead
I know this place
stay one more day
in the endless race

you're not ready
yet for me
but when you come
we'll have to see

we'll have our wedding
in the sky
once we're dead
we cannot die.






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